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Using an alternate Forge URL with Puppet Module Tool and r10k

If you can’t install Puppet modules from the Forge due to the DynDNS attack, here’s how to do it from our alternate domain.

IMPORTANT: All URL's shown below are intended to be a temporary workaround, the puppetinc.net domain name is set to be retired on November 1, 2016.


Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise users can configure an alternate Forge URL via class parameters. Which parameter you need to set depends on whether or not you are using Code Manager.

When Code Manager is enabled, set the puppet_enterprise::master::code_manager::forge_settings param as described in the documentation for customizing Code Manager configuration (actual location).

When Code Manager is NOT enabled, set the pe_r10k::forge_settings param as described in the documentation for customizing r10k configuration (actual location).

In both cases, set the baseurl value to https://forgeapi.puppetinc.net.

Open Source

Puppet Open Source users can edit their r10k.yaml configuration file and update the baseurl value in the forge section:

Then run r10k as you normally would.

Puppet Module Tool (PMT)

There are two ways to install modules from an alternate Forge URL using the Puppet Module Tool:

Use the --module_repository flag when invoking PMT:

Alternately, you can configure all invocations of the Puppet Module Tool to use the new URL by configuring the module_repository setting in your puppet.conf:

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