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Two years into the pandemic: the state of DevOps salaries

The state of DevOps salaries

For the second year in a row, we have published a pandemic-era DevOps Salary Report. It’s no surprise that the pandemic catapulted every type of company into a digital transformation frenzy. We have done our best to distinguish between temporary shifts and long-term trends dictated by a newly hyper-digital world.

In 2021, we are grappling not only with the reality of the pandemic, but with the Great Resignation – at least in the U.S. One of our key findings in the report is the rise in DevOps salaries worldwide, which may reflect efforts to attract and retain talent in a competitive job market as 48 million people voluntarily left their jobs.

However, we were surprised to note that the U.S.’s stronghold on high compensation rates may be changing, as other countries catch up and the level of U.S. salaries slowly creeps downward. We will be keeping our eye on this in years to come in order to assess whether this is indeed a long-term trend or simply a side effect of the global workforce’s unprecedented situation.

We were also intrigued to note that the gender pay gap appears to be closing among the higher income brackets, with more women in DevOps entering the highest income brackets across roles, industries, and regions. We are optimistic that this trend will continue, and that we will see the gender pay gap narrow further.

Use the report to negotiate your salary

It’s our hope that equipping DevOps practitioners and managers with the data in this report will empower you to move up the rungs of the DevOps salary ladder. In the report, we share many more fascinating insights, including:

  • which job titles earn the highest salaries
  • which teams are positioned to earn higher salaries
  • whether a company’s revenue correlates to its employees’ compensation

You’ll discover how your location impacts your salary, and whether the DevOps practices at your company matter to your paycheck.

Check out the research and find out where your salary ranks compared to your peers by downloading the free 2021 DevOps Salary Report. As always, thank you to the respondents of the 2021 State of DevOps survey for sharing your knowledge with us!

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