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The top-voted GIFs from the 2016 Sysadmin Day contest

We hope you had a low-stress and high-appreciation System Administrator Appreciation Day last Friday — or that seeing the GIFs people submitted to our contest gave you a bit of a laugh at least.

Without further ado, here are the GIFs from the community that brought in the most votes:

When Developer comes asking for help!!

GIF of someone trying to talk to Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation and him swiveling away from them.

by Saandeep Jogiparti

When you ask the user what they did, and they reply "nothing"

GIF of ...

by Robert Blasi

When you run 'puppet agent -t' for first time...

GIF of character from the IT Crowd looking scared and backing away.

by Bapi Loya

Troubleshooting servers after a DEV deployment

GIF of stick figure getting frustrated at a computer, smashing it, then pouring gasoline on it and lighting it on fire.

by Shujaat Siddiqui

Trying to implement Linux in a Windows only company

GIF of a rabbit pushing its food dish away.

by Aaran McGuire

When somebody needs "an account on the box just in case"

GIF of Dustin Hoffman shaking his head with a shotgun.

by Oli Wood

How you feel when a developer asks you if your puppet module broke their code!

GIF of Parks & Rec character Tom walking away from Larry saying "You don't deserve the Internet!"

by Joseph Karns

Intern hitting production

GIF of..

by Arthur Gautier

Waking up for 4 AM maintenance

GIF of man rolling out of a bed at the top of a cliff and landing in a cushion below

by Eugene Thomas

When you have to come in for maintenance

GIF of a polar bear pushing itself along the ice face first.

by Andy Ogan

Honorable mentions

Here are a couple GIFs we particularly enjoyed that didn't quite get enough votes to win:

When you "puppetize" all your infrastructure

GIF of...

by Luis Ramirez

When you're waiting on EC2 instances to start up

GIF of...

by Mike Shepet

When you write reusable puppet code

GIF of...

by Andrew Wippler

Honorable mentions: employee edition

Many Puppet employees have a special place in their heart — and emails and chats — for GIFs. Here are a few of the top-voted GIFs from the folks here at Puppet.

When you don't have time for strategic work

GIF of...

by Jeff Weiss

That first hour of training on the puppet/git workflow

GIF of...

by Owen Rodabaugh

It worked on my machine

GIF of...

by Kristina Psaris-Weis (Full disclosure: That's me.)

First day on the job

GIF of...

by Britt Gresham

"...but the wiki is up-to-date, right?"

![GIF of...](https://media.giphy.com/media/3o7TKvkToR9L9SlYGc/giphy.gif ""...but the wiki is up-to-date, right?"")

by Tom Linkin

When they ask what I do every day

GIF of...

by Eric Sorenson

Sysadmin vs. user perspective...

GIF of...

by Michal Bryxí

How I feel when a deploy works

GIF of...

by Michael Prasuhn

When you finally realize it's because of SELinux

GIF of...

by Carl Caum

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who voted, submitted a GIF or told a friend about the contest!

We've contacted the winners who were eligible to receive a prize per the contest rules — and a few extras. And to anyone who questioned the validity of the voting, we heard you, we looked into it, and we addressed it.

We hope you had a great Sysadmin Day! From all of us here at Puppet, we appreciate you. It’s a tough job (that most of your co-workers probably don't understand), but you keep everything running and deploying.

Want more? You can see all the GIFs here.

Kristina Psaris-Weis is a senior content marketing manager at Puppet.

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