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Top 5 reasons to upgrade your Puppet software

I am currently training to walk the Portland half-marathon with my team, the Puppet Pedestrians. As a newbie long-distance walker and former runner, I found there are many factors that contribute to reaching my training goals and completing a marathon. It relies on three things:

  1. Committing to get out there and walk.
  2. Supporting your walking team and being wholeheartedly dedicated to their success and each other.
  3. Most importantly, getting new shoes every 350-500 miles (every three to six months).

Walking in worn-out shoes can result in injury and end your half-marathon walking career. While you probably won’t get shin splints, plantar fasciitis or stress fractures from not upgrading your software, there could be unpleasant consequences from sticking with an older version.

Just as purchasing a new pair of shoes can keep you healthy and happy, upgrading to the latest version of Puppet Enterprise can help your company.

  1. Upgrading reduces costs. At Puppet, we place each new version through a rigorous testing process. Nonetheless, bugs can and do sometimes get through. Also, our active and smart community of users constantly provides feedback on how they’re using Puppet Enterprise. We take this feedback very seriously, and use it to improve our software. And what helps other customers may be very helpful to you. Using the latest and greatest version ensures you get continued support and access to security fixes and the latest capabilities. You save your team's valuable time and your organization's money.

  2. Upgrading increases productivity. Updated software offers new features and improvements that provide efficiencies and improve ease of use to save time and make your team more productive. Massive performance boosts and improved scalability from top to bottom, a gorgeous, completely rewritten Puppet Enterprise web UI, and powerful new capabilities in the platform all await you, once you upgrade to the latest version.

  3. Upgrading keeps you ahead of your competition. Face it, software is everywhere. In a software-driven world, every company is a software company. Your competition may have already moved to the latest and greatest. In order to gain a competitive edge and accelerate value, you need to take advantage of the benefits new technology has to offer. Keep up to date with your software so your company stays in the lead.

  4. Upgrading increases employee retention. Old software creates frustration. Your staff likes to use new stuff. By staying up to date with technology, you’ll save your staff from many headaches; plus, they're more productive when they have new tools. They dive in eagerly and learn them, and the energy is good for the team. Keeping up to date can really help with recruitment, too. Talented people like working with new technology, and dislike being stuck with older tech. When you're seeking the best and brightest to help grow your company, being able to tell them your team uses the latest is a big plus.

  5. Upgrading encourages your team to be their best. When you keep your team on a steady upgrade and update trajectory, they're always on their toes, learning new things and new ways to be more efficient. That supports continuous improvement for your entire business, as we've found in our past several State of DevOps reports: the best-performing IT teams exist in the best-performing organizations.

Replacing my shoes is going to keep me happy during the upcoming months of training — and the same goes for updating your software. Now is a great time to upgrade to the latest Puppet Enterprise release. We are happy to support you through the upgrade process so you don’t have to do it alone. Learn more about upgrading your Puppet Enterprise software and the tools available to help you by visiting the Puppet Enterprise Upgrade Home.

Stephanie Stouck is a senior services marketing manager at Puppet.

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