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Top 5 reasons to get Puppet training at PuppetConf

The demand for professionals who know their way around Puppet is high — and continues to grow. So for individual people, Puppet training is a big advantage. And it's good for organizations, too. The Association for Talent Development found that companies encouraging training:

  • Have 218 percent higher income per employee than those with minimal comprehensive training.
  • Enjoy a 24 percent higher profit margin than companies spending less on training.
  • Generate a 6 percent higher shareholder return if the training expenditure per employee increases by $680.

Still not convinced? Let’s dive deeper and see why training Puppet training is so important.

Boost productivity

Companies can lose money when people make mistakes. Ever have a sysadmin configure something improperly, or miss a key piece of Puppet code? This happens. If you are properly trained on how to use Puppet for configuration management in your software workflow, both your productivity and your company’s revenue will improve.

Preserve Puppet knowledge

Do you have a Puppet guru in your company who's the single knowledge source? What happens if they leave? That valuable information disappears from the company when they walk out the door. Treat your Puppet knowledge like the valuable asset it is, and ensure all your Puppet users have the same high level of skill, rather than letting it live with just a single Puppet expert.

Align your Puppet processes

Your Puppet users come from different backgrounds, and in many cases, this could lead to the creation of a Frankenstein-like Puppet implementation, instead of the implementation you envisioned. Without a clearly defined process and a team that has access to the same resources to enhance their Puppet skills, you can waste a lot of time. You need to guarantee that everyone sticks to the same Puppet best practices, and Puppet training will align everyone to these.

Onboard people better

Don’t leave your team to sink or swim without any guidance. If they don’t get trained, you risk eroding the standards you’ve established with Puppet. Ensure new team members get trained on how to use Puppet properly, right from the start.

Earn employees' loyalty

Training reduces mistakes and stress, making your team happier, more productive, and more loyal to the company that's helping them learn and grow. It’s also far more cost-effective to train and retain your people than to rely on continually recruiting new staff.

Sign up for training at PuppetConf 2017

Ready to get trained on Puppet? We’re hosting a number of Puppet-led training classes at PuppetConf: Puppet Fundamentals, Puppet Practitioner and Puppet Architect. You can get 50 percent discount on attending PuppetConf 2017 when you sign up for any of these during the days before PuppetConf begins. Get your hands-on training, and then attend the conference, where you'll learn from experts and thought leaders, network with the Puppet community, and get to be part of a truly special experience.

At PuppetConf, training and conference attendees are all gathered together in the same venue, giving you an opportunity to have discussions with, and learn from, others who are on the same Puppet journey as you. Seats fill up quickly, so don’t forget to register now to ensure you get a space.

Not quite ready to sign up for training? You can still come to PuppetConf. Register by 10 August, and you'll get 20 percent off the regular price. Need to be tempted a little more? Check out the agenda, and the great speakers from Puppet and a wide range of other organizations.

Chris Harry is a senior director of tech support and training at Puppet.