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The Future of Kubernetes

Kubernetes has been the darling of the cloud-native world for some time -- but where is Kubernetes headed? The open source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications across clusters of nodes has had an enormous impact on the way developers operate.

In the latest episode of the Pulling the Strings podcast, Bruno Andrade, CEO of Shipa, discusses the role Kubernetes has played, if that role is winding down, and whether there’s a need to shift from object management to application management.

How might Kubernetes' role at your organization and across the industry be changing? Join me as I speak with Bruno Andrade about:

  • The role Kubernetes plays and how that role is shifting to take a backseat
  • Why developers need to be freed up to focus on applications and not Kubernetes
  • The changing roles of SysAdmins and DevOps in organizations
  • How Shipa supports a return to a focus on applications

Listen to the podcast now.

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