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T-shirt Contest

I've reached in and plucked out the last men's medium, the smalls have been gone for months, I overstocked on XXLs and there's a rumor around these parts that they might get tied together to make a hammock. Yes folks, it's true, we're out of t-shirts. Like its predecessor "Because SSH and a ‘for’ loop doesn’t cut it", "I pull the strings around here" has to be retired.

While we're sad to retire such a well-branded tagline, we're excited to announce the Second Annual Quest for Eternal Timé T-shirt Tagline Contest! (Timé in the Homeric sense, not time.)

How it works

  1. Think of an awesome, Puppet-themed tagline.
  2. Submit your awesome idea by February 25th (see below).
  3. Our board of certified humor experts will review and pick out the top submissions.
  4. Vote in our poll on February 28th March 4th for your favorite tagline.

This year we'll likely select two winners, one for our Puppet shirts and one for our new Puppet Enterprise shirts, so be sure to test the enterprise installer to get some ideas bubbling.

The overall winner of the contest will receive a Parrot AR.Drone, a free ticket to Puppet Camp, and a limited edition t-shirt with their winning slogan. The runner-up enterprise winner will also receive a limited edition shirt and a free registration to Puppet Camp!

The poll is closed! Thanks for your interest.