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Software Defined Networking with Arista and Puppet

We’re happy to announce that Arista Networks now supports Puppet on their EOS platform. This is the latest vendor to launch support as part of our Puppet Supported Program, a certification program that enables our customers to extend the benefits of automation across networking and storage services.

Puppet Enterprise and Arista customers can now use the native EOS puppet agent along with the Forge module to extend Puppet’s management beyond the server into the entire datacenter. The Arista module is built on Puppet Labs’ netdev standard for networking hardware support, allowing the same Puppet resources to manage different networking hardware with little to no modification.

Tools like Puppet have largely solved server automation challenges — but servers are only one piece of the puzzle. For many companies with mature server automation practices in place, device management represents the next frontier. Quite often, changes to devices are still being done manually, or teams rely on siloed tooling. These devices can now be included in Puppet’s management.

As we add support for more hardware in the future, you'll find that more and more of your infrastructure can be pulled under Puppet Enterprise’s control. This not only increases visibility across your infrastructure, but also unifies change processes between teams and enables faster software deployments with fewer errors. You'll be able to increase iteration cycles, and adapt more rapidly to changing environments, or changing business needs.

We’re excited about our partnership with Arista and the future of the Puppet Supported Program.

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