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See what’s on the agenda for Contributor Summit

We're gearing up for Contributor Summit in Budapest this June - are you packed yet? So far all we've packed is the agenda. Which we're excited to share!

Contributor events are by design collaborative in format and function, and we've worked in a few ways to keep this collaborative:

  • We sent out a survey on what folks are interested in, and used feedback from attendees to prioritize what we put on the agenda.
  • In addition to the topics we know folks are excited to get their keyboards on, we've saved plenty of space for attendees to self-propose day-of projects that are top-of-mind for them. Shoot us an email if you’d like to propose a topic! We have various time slots: 5-min, 25-min, and/or 55-minute slots we can work in. Just let us know what you’re in for.

So far, here's what we’ve kicked around in our brains: You'll find a renewed focus on the developer workflow — from the Resource API to API-driven publication — and providing a great experience on all the major platforms. We'll showcase all of Bolt's new tricks, like YAML, remote APIs, and dynamic inventory. And finally, we'll be showing off the tools we've been building to help move infrastructure to the cloud. To view the full schedule, click here.

Also, don’t forget that Project Month begins on the 1st of May! It’s our month-long collaborative hackathon that takes place right before Contributor Summit. Participants will have Puppet-provided support to play with some of our newest technology, or whatever else you might have in mind.

What's next? Well, if you haven't registered for Contributor Summit already, it’s time to save your spot. Want to propose a session? Email us at community@puppet.com. Want to participate in Project Month? Sign up here.

As always, come and chat with us in the Community #contributor-summit Slack channel. We’d love to hear from you!

Hope to see you in Budapest in June!

Anna Velasco is a community manager at Puppet.