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See the full Puppetize PDX agenda – new speakers & party details

The Puppetize PDX full schedule is here!

Puppetize Audience

We’re pleased to share the full schedule for our annual user conference, Puppetize PDX, in our hometown, Portland, Oregon; affectionately referred to as PDX (our airport code). Start planning for which sessions you’ll attend now!

(Side note: We Portlanders are, perhaps, oddly proud of our airport; the experts at Travel + Leisure agree with our assessment!)

Meet Tony, Rob, Melanie, and Alex — our newest speakers!

We recently added four new speakers to the lineup!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn in their sessions:


Tony Green

DevOps Practice Lead @ Katana 1

### Puppetizing the Pain Out of Patching Once upon a time, there was a mystical land whose inhabitants were able to manage patching on their Linux AND Windows servers using a single tool. Join me for a jaunt into this fantastical land where you'll hear tales of collaboration, compliance and self service automation!

Rob Reynolds

Founder @ Chocolatey

### Chocolatey and Puppet: Better Together

Chocolatey is great when it comes to managing packages and software and Puppet is excellent at guaranteeing state across all of your machines and automatically handling configuration drift. Using the two together is a fantastic combination when you have many machines to manage! In this talk, you’ll learn about:

  • The latest features and enhancements we’ve made.
  • The different flavors of Chocolatey — from open source to our Business edition — and how to go from using Chocolatey at home to using it at work.
  • Best practices so you know you’re doing it right.


Melanie Macari

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Splunk + VictorOps

### 4 Ways to Master the Art of Continuous Improvement
Up to 80% of outages are preventable. With a focus on never-ending improvement, your team can release better applications faster—without the fire drills. In this talk, we’ll discuss the art of mastering continuous improvement with solutions from Splunk, VictorOps and Puppet. See how these industry leaders help teams accelerate feedback loops and knowledge share, gain insights into software delivery cycles, automate processes, and optimize incident response.

Alex Zbarcea

DevOps Engineer III @ Fannie Mae

### Scaling Configuration Management Through Inventories The more supply chain principles apply to IT, the better. A good monitoring of the inventory allows an efficient and secure management of the supply chain. How do principles of the traditional Supply Chain (in Manufacturing) help scaling, when dealing with heterogeneous infrastructure (physical/VMs and cloud), multiple OS-es, package managers, services, and multiple teams managing these altogether in Puppet ? Join in exploring some patterns and lessons learned from managing a +10K nodes Puppet infrastructure within a highly regulated industry.

You can peruse all the Puppetize PDX speakers here.

Don’t miss our Game Night Party

Our attendee-only Game Night Party at Punch Bowl Social features retro arcade games, table games, bowling, as well as nooks & crannies to hangout and chat with your fellow attendees. Enjoy a variety of finger foods and drinks. (Plenty of proof and non-proof options will be available.)

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Have a question about Puppetize PDX? Check out the website or chat with us in the #puppetize-pdx room in the Puppet Community Slack.

See you in PDX!