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Start simple, scale DevOps success and measure your impact with Puppet

Editor's note: As of 29 May 2019, we've sunsetted Puppet Discovery, Puppet Pipelines and Puppet Insights.

Puppet has been on a year-long journey to transform the way technologists scale DevOps success and adopt software automation. In fact, data from our annual State of DevOps research proves that while organizations are utlimately successful with DevOps practices and modern automation, that success is often isolated to specific teams within much larger IT organizations. Based on this research and our tenure of being a key player in the DevOps space, we know that in order to scale DevOps success and automation, the tools and practices must be more accessible.

With that said, I’m so proud of the team at Puppet and our continued focus to build products and features that meet the needs of our customers and of the market. We have a number of new features and product announcements to share today that will help organizations scale and measure their DevOps success.

Equally exciting, our ecosystem of community, customers, partners and employees will be revealing parts of this announcement live from our first ever global event, Puppetize Live 2018. From unique insights to application delivery, we continue to help companies take control of their DevOps journey. These announcements are no exception.

Introducing Puppet Insights™: Track and benchmark DevOps performance from one view

Our research shows that many companies lack a basic level of visibility into the performance of their DevOps teams and processes. This lack of constructive data or insight leads to the inability to clearly articulate that key performance indicators related to DevOps initiatives are on the right track.

To give cross-functional DevOps teams a simpler way to measure their performance and success, we’re proud to announce Puppet Insights. Our new product provides the capabilities for organizations to run their DevOps processes like a business, and measure and track key DevOps KPIs that lead to organizational success.

Puppet Insights offers data-driven results that focus on DevOps initiatives, providing beautiful, easy-to-understand dashboards and reporting. It gives teams a bird's-eye view of their organization so they can focus on improvements around the velocity, quality and impact of their software delivery cycles.

Puppet Insights Scores scaled

We’re inviting DevOps teams to [apply for the private beta of Puppet Insights.

Speeding up time to automation

At the enterprise scale, organizations can struggle with the prioritization of what to automate next and, beyond that, how to do it quickly at the pace that success requires. We’re announcing product updates to Puppet Discovery and Puppet Bolt. Both of these products — greatly add clarity and speed adoption of automation. If automation is the destination, we’re going to get you there, faster.

What’s new in Puppet Discovery™

We first launched Puppet Discovery in May of 2018 as a way to solve customers’ problems to continuously discover resources running on their infrastructure, bring them under management and offer an easier way to answer critical questions across the IT estate. With Puppet Discovery 1.6, we’ve extended that speed to visibility by increasing our global footprint with localization for our Japanese markets, support for OpenStack and adding key features that enable multi-criteria filtering and support for ad hoc command tasks.

japanese puppet discovery

Additionally, Puppet Discovery is the foundation for one of our most requested features, vulnerability remediation.

Automating vulnerability remediation with Puppet Discovery

One proactive automation challenge that can protect enterprises from costly remediation exercises is the ability to detect and remediate vulnerabilities with Puppet Discovery. Out of the gates, Puppet Discovery automatically discovers all cloud, container, and virtualized resources. Our next update adds vulnerability detection and remediation which highlight vulnerable resources that need to be protected — and, the ability to quickly remediate those vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Remediation Beta for Puppet Discovery is still under works, but we invite interested people to sign up for updates and be notified of its launch.

Learn more about what’s new in Puppet Discovery here.

Puppet Bolt™ 1.0: start automating today

Puppet Bolt is a simple, powerful action engine, that lets users run built-in tasks and reusable tasks remotely, right from their workstations and laptops. It gives teams an easy way to get started with automation and much more. Puppet Bolt 1.0 is now available for both open source and Puppet Enterprise users.


Learn more about what we’ve released with Puppet Bolt 1.0.

Puppet Pipelines™ + Helm: deliver cloud-native apps faster

One fundamental shift in software delivery that we’re keeping our eye on is the shift to containerization. With containers quickly becoming the main unit of packaging and deployment for enterprise applications, we need to make sure teams can maintain the consistency and quality of the software delivered at the speed and scalability containers provide. Puppet adapts to this shift with Pipelines for Containers — providing developers with easy-to-use, prescriptive workflows to build and deploy containers to Kubernetes in a consistent, repeatable way, along with deep visibility into the software delivery pipeline and the status of every deployment.

Puppet is excited to announce Helm support to Pipelines for Containers, making it easy to build and deploy Helm Charts with Puppet Pipelines. Now your development, development services, and release management teams can orchestrate the delivery of containers across all of the Kubernetes pods they rely on to run their containerized services and applications.

chart deployment puppet pipelines help scaled

Learn more about Puppet Pipelines for Containers and Helm support.

Scale DevOps automation everywhere and securely with Puppet Enterprise® 2019

Another exciting announcement of the day is the new release of Puppet’s flagship platform: Puppet Enterprise 2019 (PE 2019).

Today’s hybrid and multi-cloud environments are complex and heterogeneous. With different types of infrastructure ranging from cloud and container resources, to network devices, to virtual machines and physical servers, automation can be a lofty challenge. Our updates and improvements to PE 2019 help your teams take tomorrow’s automation challenges head-on.

PE 2019 is a powerful, automation solution that helps customers accelerate their time to automation for complex and heterogeneous environments starting on day one. PE 2019 combines a remote, agentless offering with a robust ongoing agent-based solution giving customers the advantage of automating anything, anywhere, and at anytime. It’s built to adapt and scale to changes across their infrastructure at scale.

PE 2019 also includes new and widely requested enhancements like flexible job scheduling for tasks, stepped up functionality for end-to-end encryption for secrets management, and first class support for certificate authority (CA). It also includes an update to Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise 2.0!

snapshot of puppet enterprise