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Resolve to Enhance Your Puppet Skills in 2013

It's January, and with that comes the usual buzz of resolutions, goal-setting, and discussions around what to accomplish in 2013. Some will set personal goals, others will focus on professional goals, and organizations will look for ways to ensure they have the right staff working on all the right things that will enable them to reach their 2013 objectives. It will take no small feat to bring this into alignment. This is where Puppet training and certification can help. Everything we develop is designed to make our users successful, and enable them to use Puppet and Puppet Enterprise to its full potential. Our primary focus is to enable IT automation. Helping your organization get up to speed on the latest that Puppet IT automation software has to offer will free up resources normally spent on completing repetitive tasks, and allow you to have more time to work on top-priority projects in 2013. Puppet Fundamentals is the first step to ensuring that as a system administrator, you're employing best practices in managing your organization’s infrastructure using Puppet. This introductory, 3-day training course will help you get started on the right foot in managing your IT infrastructure. If you're already a seasoned Puppet user, you should consider expanding your Puppet knowledge by attending the 3-day Advanced Puppet Training course. You will learn how to implement Puppet in a complex environment, and how to optimize your solution for large-scale deployments. Whether your goal this year is to grow your Puppet skills, hire new team members, or enhance your professional resume, Puppet certifications are a great way to validate someone's Puppet experience. Consider setting your sights on earning a Puppet certification or encouraging your team members to get certified. Working with individuals that have earned a Puppet certification will help ensure that your entire team is qualified to use Puppet best practices within your IT implementation. As an individual, it may give you the leverage you need to demonstrate your technical proficiency to either an existing manager or potential employer. With Puppet being one of the most often requested skills among IT professionals according to Indeed.com, it may be a good idea to demonstrate your Puppet skills with a Puppet certification. Whatever your plans are for 2013, the Puppet Education team is here to help you reach your goals. Stay tuned for more news in 2013 as we introduce new offerings to the Puppet training and certification stack.

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