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Remote support service beta for Puppet Enterprise customers

The Puppet Enterprise Support team is opening an exciting Beta to help us remove some obstacles our customers have reported when engaging the Support Team for incident resolution.

What is the problem?

Currently, customers send large volumes of data to Puppet Support that’s used to troubleshoot systems. In some scenarios, it can take a long time for Support to receive the information which can slow down resolution time. More frequently, the ability to send data is prohibited due to privacy constraints. These constraints impair the optimal support experience.

What is the solution we are proposing?

The Remote Support Service Beta is a combination of a Service provided by the Support team and Puppet Module named RSAN (Remote Support Access Node).

The Module

The RSAN Module sets up a regular Puppet Agent node with enhanced diagnostic capabilities such as:

  • Centralized read-only mounts of all Puppet Enterprise infrastructure components log and configuration files
  • Read-only access to the Puppet Enterprise databases
  • Live telemetry display provided by Puppet Metrics Dashboard
  • Puppet Client tools deployment, with tooling to help create appropriate access to a user role

The Service

Puppet Enterprise Support will work with you to see how your organization can access the RSAN deployment and how that process should be implemented. Currently we have two access options; direct as an incoming VPN connection from the Puppet Support Member, or a simple screen share on the video conferencing software of your choice.

As a Member of the Beta Program, when creating a support request in the Puppet Enterprise Support Portal, the Support engineer will use the RSAN node as the primary (and possibly only) diagnostic tool when troubleshooting your issue. If necessary, a Support Script may be requested and delivered in the more traditional fashion if indeed it ends up being necessary.

What do we need from you?

As a member of the Beta, you will have the opportunity to contribute and define use cases for the Module. You will be encouraged to identify what you believe is missing or not appropriate for your environment, and help shape the overall direction of the final product.

How you can get involved

As an existing Puppet Enterprise customer with access to the Support Portal, open a Priority 4 ticket with the subject “Participate in the RSAN beta” and a support engineer will engage with you regarding access methods and any help installing the module you may need.

Following the creation of the ticket, you should begin making preparations for adding the RSAN module and its dependencies to your environment from the Forge, as well as making any internal requests for hardware which will become the RSAN node. Hardware requirements and module dependencies are detailed in the Module ReadMe.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Marty Ewings is Support Manager of Product and Tooling at Puppet.

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