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The Quest To Learn Puppet: New Learning VM

Editor's note: The Learning VM has been updated with new learning quests, and for use with Puppet Enterprise 3.7. Read about it here.

The Puppet Labs Learning VM is the most popular learning resource we’ve created, downloaded more than 76,000 times. We appreciate all of you who’ve used it, and especially those who have been kind enough to offer feedback.

We took your feedback into account as we considered how to make the Learning VM even more useful and effective than it already was. One way to make something good better: Add some fun into the mix. Most of us here at Puppet Labs enjoy quest-based games, and we know many of you do, too. So the new Learning VM takes you on a quest for each technical concept, with tasks to complete in each quest so you can monitor your own learning.

We've focused the beginning of the learning journey on the essentials, starting with a practical example of how to use Puppet Enterprise and supported modules from the Puppet Forge to automate a task. Next, the learner moves on to quests that cover the basics of writing and understanding Puppet code. For people who are brand new to Puppet, we hope this new Learning VM will make it even easier to get started. It comes with Puppet Enterprise pre-installed, so you can get started immediately. For anyone who’s already using Puppet, we think the new Learning VM will make it easier to refresh your knowledge of any concepts you want to review.

Either way, we appreciate you trying out this new approach to learning Puppet, and we hope you’ll give us feedback so we can improve the Learning VM over time. Contact us at learningvm@puppetlabs.com, and let us know how you like this new approach to self-paced learning.

To get started, download the Learning VM, and follow along with the PDF file that’s included in the downloaded zip file.

Puppet Skills Can Boost Your Career

It’s no secret that Puppet skills are highly valued in today’s workplaces. “Puppet” is No. 6 among top-trending keywords on job board Indeed.com, and one of the top technology skills that net six-figure salaries, according to Dice's 2014 Tech Salary Survey. Building your knowledge of Puppet is a great way to provide more value to your company, and to help turn IT into a strategic asset for the business.

We have created a robust and growing educational ecosystem at Puppet Labs. We’ve trained more than 6,500 people on Puppet, almost 1,000 in the first quarter of this year alone, and we offer certification exams so you can put the official stamp on your knowledge. As your quest for Puppet skills leads you further, we’re here to help you conquer the next level.

Carthik Sharma is a technical instructor at Puppet Labs.

Learn More

Please send us an email at learningvm@puppetlabs.com if you need help, or want to provide feedback on the Learning VM.