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Puppets in Sydney

Sydney really blew away my expectations last week. Our local Puppet friends in Sydney were great and always willing to show us around the beautiful sites. I was also lucky enough to be there on Australia day, which concluded with the most amazing fireworks show I've even seen before at Darling Harbour.

To top it all off, the turnout at Puppet Camp Sydney was amazing. I kicked things off with a Puppet Labs "state of the union" talk, which was followed by a good architectural and functional overview of CloudStack, as well as a discussion of how to integrate it with Puppet by Joe Brockmeier from Citrix.

Stephen Wallace from ICE was next with a beginners talk on Puppet that covered the motivation for using Puppet and provided an overview of the tooling in its ecosystem. You can check out his slides on "Puppet for Sysadmins."

Jamie Wilkinson from Google provided a presentation on monitoring that provided analysis of a time-series-database as an alternative to alerts. He focused on strategies for analyzing stored monitoring data that actually used calculus and derivatives! It inspired the math-nerd inside of me, and made me realize that monitoring could be fun.

NBN was gracious enough to provide two great presentations at Puppet Camp. The slides from Chris Fegan's presentation on "The NBN Puppet Journey" are also available. Christopher Fegan discussed NBN's experiences with Puppet, focusing on the tooling required to use Puppet to manage infrastructure changes as a part of a release process. Andrew Myers provided a presentation on their usage of MCollective that focused on use cases and security and use cases.

Gordon Rowell from Google presented on their usage of Puppet to manage the internal IT infrastructure at Google. His presentation focused on specific issues at Google related to scale and the nature of their distributed environments, and you can check out the slides on "Puppet at Google."

Lindsay Holmwood gave an emotional performance that explained the events that lead to the disaster of Air France 447, with an emphasis on how its lessons can be applied to handling infrastructure failures. It was an extremely engaging presentation that captivated the audience.

Sina Sadeghi from Aptira discussed the OpenStack based platform being built by Aptira and detailed their usage of Puppet.

Thank you to everyone who attended or participated in the event! If you missed it, you can get links to the presentations for this event or materials from other past Puppet Camps by visiting the Previous Puppet Camps section of the Puppet Camp page.

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