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Puppet’s path to IPO and welcome to our new board members

We’ve had an exciting year here at Puppet, and although it’s not the year we could have expected, I’m encouraged and inspired every day by the resilience of our team, our commitment to each other, and our drive to help customers navigate through so much uncertainty and change.

Building on our strong foundation, new hires at the executive level and across the company have brought innovation back to the fore, crystallized our strategy for an increasingly hybrid and multi-cloud world, and focused our commercial efforts on enterprise customers and large government organizations. Our work now extends from eliminating soul-crushing work to democratizing digital innovation in a safe and reliable way at scale. We achieve this through the powerful delivery of intelligent, actionable and scalable infrastructure automation with purpose built solutions to solve key business challenges such as continuous compliance, cloud automation, and self service. This extension of our value proposition positions Puppet well for accelerated growth as a customer-focused innovator and market leader of infrastructure automation for the enterprise.

As we look towards the future, we recognize the challenges and opportunities our customers face as they must accelerate their digitization efforts. We are committed to empowering them on this journey through the expansion of our offerings and the announcement that we are starting on the path to an IPO. This is a major milestone in our company’s history and I’m thrilled to be leading such a dedicated and talented team during this exciting time.

Today, I am proud to announce two exceptional leaders who are joining the Puppet family as board directors as we go on this journey: Michael Day, CEO at Topa Insurance Group, and Mark Hill, Chief Digital and Information Officer at CSL Behring. Both are accomplished senior executives with decades of enterprise experience scaling companies and will play key roles in leading Puppet on a path to IPO and beyond.

Michael Day is an experienced board member who brings decades of financial expertise and a strategic focus to his board assignments. As the CEO of Topa Insurance Group and previously serving as CFO of several large companies, Michael has a track record of elevating the performance of the groups who surround him. His experience across a breadth of different industries, along with his business acumen and deep financial experience, will be invaluable as our new independent Audit Chair.

Mark Hill is a global IT leader with extensive experience utilizing technology to deliver efficiency, productivity, quality and solutions for patients and public health. He currently is the Chief Digital and Information Officer at CSL Behring where he leads the enterprise-wide Digital Technology organization for one of the largest biotech companies globally. Mark’s decades of experience as a CIO to some of the biggest life science companies in the world will bring the voice of the customer more directly into our boardroom as enterprises increasingly accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

We sought out purpose driven business leaders who could bring a specific set of skills, diversity and expertise to our board, both in the fiduciary sense as well as helping to drive socially conscious innovation. As a former CIO myself, I know how important and impactful it can be to have socially conscious, technical-minded leaders on the board. As more and more companies are digitizing and relying on technology to run their businesses, CIOs are in turn becoming more business-minded, moving from traditional “back office” functions into revenue generators and customer enablers.

Please join me in welcoming Michael and Mark to the Puppet family! I look forward to partnering with them both as we continue to grow our business and empower our customers in this increasingly complex hybrid and multi-cloud world.