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Puppet’s new Scaling DevOps Service helps orgs scale DevOps practices

I’m really pleased to announce Puppet’s new Scaling DevOps Service, a pop-up consultancy inside Puppet designed to advise businesses on how to automate, streamline, and scale DevOps practices. This service was established as a result of conversations with dozens of customers who all stagnated in their DevOps evolution and turned to us for advice on how to scale that wall. We knew we could help our customers overcome these hurdles -- so we perfected it, programmatized it, and thus the Scaling DevOps Service was born.

From our years of experience working with customers in the field, and from our extensive State of DevOps Report research, we know that far too many organizations are stuck in the middle of their DevOps evolutionary journey, with individual teams doing great work, yet without the organization as a whole delivering on the promises of a DevOps approach. Organizations often focus on quantitative metrics such as which tools have been adopted or how much of their infrastructure is in the cloud, but gloss over the more ambiguous “people side” of things that are more difficult to measure -- for example, a product mindset, customer empathy, and collaboration.

SODOR DevOps Evolution Horizontal

We get it -- structural change is hard, and it goes so much deeper than just adopting some tools. It’s adopting a new method. When there is a lack of alignment between teams and an inability to push change throughout the organization in a coordinated manner, organizations are constantly firefighting and are being reactive, not proactive. We can address that.

Focus on people, processes & automation

We know that success requires equal investment in people, processes and automation, and our Scaling DevOps Service offerings help you plan those investments appropriately. Our DevOps experts will work closely with your teams to understand your environment, choose known, successful approaches, and collaborate on building out concrete action plans for improvement.

We don’t do the work for you -- we help you do the work better. This isn’t outsourcing. We aren’t giving you a fish to alleviate your hunger today; we’re teaching you how to fish so you can feed yourself for a lifetime.

How it works

Our Scaling DevOps Service team offers the following services:

  • DevOps coaching. Quickly evolve IT team maturity by engaging a Puppet DevOps expert to adopt agile principles aligned with your application delivery teams, assist in prioritization and planning, and identify focus areas for automation on an ongoing basis over 3 months. We help your infrastructure teams adopt agile methodologies in a lean, pragmatic and scalable way.

  • DevOps evolutionary assessment. Using the evolutionary model from the State of DevOps report, Puppet will assess where your teams are today, identify key practices to help them get to the next stage of evolution, and highlight areas of success to amplify across your organization.

  • Toil reduction assessment. Toil is manual, automatable work that provides no enduring value and scales linearly with service growth. Reducing toil is a key SRE principle, frees up bandwidth on your teams to focus on strategic goals, and is a critical early step for modernization projects. Puppet DevOps experts will assess and analyze sources of operational toil and their impact in the organization to deliver a proposed roadmap for automating them away.

  • DevOps integration Service. Automating the DevOps toolchain often requires integrating systems and custom development, whether that be via data, infrastructure-as-code, or event-based automation workflows. Puppet consultants will work with you to identify integration opportunities and build solutions in close collaboration with your teams.

You do not need to be a Puppet customer to hire our Scaling DevOps Service.

Why you should trust us

From the beginning, DevOps was intended to be much more than just a new generation of infrastructure tooling and automation. The best DevOps initiatives focus on people, their interactions within teams, and the interactions between different teams. Combining this people-centric approach with the adoption of agile and lean principles, along with an investment in automation and measurement, is how we can deliver infrastructure and software faster, more reliably, and in a more secure and sustainable manner.

We’ve worked with dozens of global financial services companies to improve processes and tools, educate employees, and remove thousands of hours of toil.

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