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Puppetize Live update: Let’s tell new stories on the live stream

We are approaching Puppetize Live (roughly 81 days to go!). This is something new for us, and something new for the community. We’ve changed up the format, added more locations, and added a 24-hour live stream component that includes content from each city and bonus material.

We’re hoping this can get everybody engaged, and reach community members who have been unable to attend our past events as well.

Introducing the 24-hour live stream

In addition to the sites at San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Sydney, the live stream can be something great. We want this to be more than “a conference with a stream” but a unique experience with engaging content, fun segments, community highlights and educational materials.

The live stream gives us some capabilities to expand beyond normal conference coverage. As we’re looking into it, we’ve realized it’s more than talk slots: it’s an opportunity for different segments. This could include stories from the field, interviews with interesting folks, live Q&A, cool clips, demos, and discussions.

This live stream is only as interesting as the diverse body of folks we include within it. For it to succeed, we’d love your help. If this sounds interesting to you, here are a few of our ideas:

  • A review of the most amusing/hilarious bugs, tickets and pull requests from Puppet projects over the years.
  • Demos of managing things beyond servers and devices with Puppet.
  • A segment answering questions (perhaps calling it Puppet help help help help)

While we have some ideas, we want you to help shape it. What content would you find compelling? What questions have you wanted answered? Do you have a demo you want to share? A lightning talk? A 10 minute topic?

If you have an idea, submit it via the CFP by 30 July. You can also discuss them and brainstorm in the Puppet Community Slack's #puppetize-live room.

If you have an idea ready to rock, or could use some help shaping it into something awesome, we’re here to help. Just make sure to get your submission in by 30 July because we won’t be extending the CFP deadline this year.

We look forward to seeing your ideas for live stream (and in-person) talks, and seeing more people and topics represented on the virtual stage at Puppetize Live.

Michael Stahnke is a director of engineering at Puppet.

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