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PuppetConf 2017 speakers and agenda are here!

After weeks of thoughtfully reviewing talk proposals with the rest of our PuppetConf talk committee, I'm thrilled to announce our first round of speakers and the initial agenda for PuppetConf 2017. This year, we're hosting PuppetConf from 10-12 October in beautiful San Francisco, California. I hope I'll see you there!

If you haven't been to PuppetConf before, here's what's in store. We bring the Puppet community together for two-plus days of amazing collaboration and hands-on learning. Our lineup of talks, sessions, demos and informal networking all help our community members learn how to manage the complexities of IT today, and how to adopt the next new thing that will help move their organizations forward.

With more than 50 sessions where you can hear from advanced Puppet users and other Puppet and IT experts, PuppetConf 2017 will welcome you and thousands of other IT professionals to the industry's premier DevOps and infrastructure modernization event. You can meet other practitioners and IT leaders who are eager to learn and share their own knowledge of how any organization can behave like a software company — and gain a strategic advantage.

With that, it's time to pull aside the curtain and reveal our PuppetConf 2017 talk lineup!

A selection of PuppetConf 2017 sessions

Here are a few sessions we're sure you'll enjoy:

  • Reducing Environment Drift to 0 with Containers - Leigh Capili, AT&T
  • What’s in the box?! Leveraging Puppet Enterprise and Docker - Tricia Radcliffe, AppDynamics, and Grace Andrews, Puppet
  • Puppet & Google Cloud: From Nothing to Production in 10 minutes - Nelson Araujo, Google
  • Configuration Management Architect: The Unauthorized Instruction Manual They Don't Want You to Know About - Ramin Khatibi, Twitter
  • Dear Boss: Help Me to Help You — A Simple Plan for a Motivated and Engaged Development Team - Amanda Whaley, Cisco DevNet
  • How Fannie Mae is Letting the Developers Pull the Strings - Trent TeSelle, Fannie Mae, and Jeremy Adams, Puppet
  • Zero to Kubernetes in the Cloud - Scott Coulton, Puppet

Regardless of who you are and what you do, PuppetConf has something for everyone: folks just getting started with Puppet; longtime community members looking for advanced tips and hot new capabilities from Puppet; IT leaders guiding DevOps transformations within their organizations; IT professionals leading cloud migrations; folks looking to move to continuous delivery; and everyone in between.

We've organized a variety of paths for you to follow at PuppetConf, depending on your interests. You can check out the full PuppetConf 2017 agenda, but for now, here's a taste of what you can expect.

Automation for Windows

Looking to extend your automation footprint and puppetize your Windows environment? We have a path filled with can’t-miss talks on Puppet for Windows, including:

  • Unlocking Azure with Puppet Enterprise - Keiran Sweet, Sourced Group
  • Shipping the Jenkins project to Azure with Puppet and Kubernetes - R. Tyler Croy, Cloudbees

Fostering a DevOps culture

DevOps means transforming how your teams work together in order to deliver better software faster. We'll be talking a lot about DevOps, so don't miss:

  • The Changing Role of Operations - Michael Stahnke, Puppet
  • The Dr. Seuss Guide to Code Craftsmanship - Emily Freeman, Wazee Digital

Getting started with Puppet

If you’re new to Puppet and looking for tips on where and how to get started, look no further. We have plenty planned to get you up to speed, starting with:

  • Run Puppet Run: Direct Change in the Console - Yasmin Rajabi, Puppet
  • Intercepting Puppet in a Large Government Estate - Indy Bains, Capgemini

Going deeper with Puppet

Looking to take your Puppet skills to the next level? Learn from other advanced Puppet users, including:

  • No Server Left Behind: Successfully Rolling Out Puppet on Legacy Environments - Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho, Instruct
  • Deploying is Only Half of the Battle! Operationalizing Application Stacks with Puppet - Tim Carr and Tim Odom, AHEAD

Moving to the cloud and containers

As you progress along your journey to the cloud and adopt modern technology like containers, Puppet can get you there faster. Two of the many talks you'll want to check out:

  • Who Manages the Managers? Managing CoreOS and Kubernetes with Puppet - Lucy Wyman, Puppet
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud: A Lean Puppet Workflow to Support a Multi-Cloud and Cloud-Bursting Infrastructure - Nicolas Brousse, Adobe Systems

The path to continuous delivery

Continuous delivery is a key technical practice among high-performing IT teams. Along your path to continuous delivery, learn from these talks:

  • The Five Dirty Words of CI - J. Paul Reed, Release Engineering Approaches
  • Test Driving Your Infrastructure - Jessie Puls, Pillar Technology

IT Leader track

For the third consecutive year, PuppetConf will feature the IT Leader track, which focuses on emerging trends in IT; real-world stories of digital transformation; the future of DevOps; security and compliance; and transitioning to the cloud. The IT Leader track is ideal for executives, managers and individuals responsible for leading transformations within their organizations.

A lineup of expert presenters and panelists will cover:

  • How organizations are enabling digital transformation.
  • Successes and lessons learned from organizations that have adopted DevOps practices.
  • Approaches to ensure security and compliance without sacrificing agility.
  • Strategies for moving to the cloud, achieving portability, and shifting to microservices.
  • Practical tips for CIOs and IT leaders seeking to build high-impact teams.

IT Leader track speakers and more agenda information will be announced on 25 July.

But wait, there's more at PuppetConf

In addition to a fantastic speaker lineup, PuppetConf 2017 will include:

  • In-person Training. Training for all levels begins three days before the PuppetConf 2017 opening keynote. Classes include Intro to Puppet, Puppet Fundamentals, Puppetizing Infrastructure, Puppet Practitioner, and Puppet Architect. Training tickets include a discounted PuppetConf 2017 pass. For more information, visit https://puppet.com/puppetconf/training.
  • Puppet Contributor Summit. This one-day event on 10 October is for the community to hack on projects, fix bugs, contribute to documentation and discuss Puppet with other community members. It's a great way to start off PuppetConf. To attend, you must pre-register for the Contributor Summit and PuppetConf 2017. All are welcome!
  • Sponsors. Puppet will be joined at PuppetConf 2017 by its sponsors, including CloudPassage, Column Technologies, Datadog, example42 GmBH, Nutanix, Splunk and more. It’s not too late to sign up as a sponsor — learn more here, or email lisa@puppet.com.

Phew, that's a lot! Well, we guarantee there's more to come. To see the full PuppetConf 2017 agenda, visit https://puppet.com/puppetconf/agenda. And watch this space — we'll continue to update you. In late July, for example, we'll have more information about the IT Leader track that IT leaders enjoyed so much last year.

If you haven't registered yet, a word to the wise: Register by 30 June, and you'll save 30 percent.

While the talks are the star of the show, the hallway track at PuppetConf is the one we're the proudest of: the people you'll have the opportunity to meet, catch up, and swap tales with. After all, whether they're told on a stage or over a meal, it's the stories we hear that tell us where we're headed next. Let's continue that journey at PuppetConf, together.

Kara Sowles is the manager of community and evangelism at Puppet.

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