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PuppetConf 2017 call for proposals is open

The PuppetConf 2017 call for proposals (CFP) is open, and we want to hear from you! Share your ideas and experiences with a large and enthusiastic audience at PuppetConf — submit your talk proposal by 23 April.

This year we are looking for sessions that range from how-to information for beginners to advanced topics for experts; from cultural topics to modern infrastructure; and everything in between. Thinking over what you'd like to talk about at PuppetConf? We came up with a list of what's at the top of our minds this year.

Here are a few examples of what we’re excited to see on stage this year:

  • Introductory topics for getting started with Puppet, modules, and using Puppet to manage other technologies such as AWS, Azure, DSC, Kubernetes, OpenStack, VMware … and anything else.
  • Stories and examples of DevOps success, including how you built the case for DevOps; where you started; how you scaled DevOps adoption within your organization; and the results you've achieved.
  • Examples of using Docker, containers, and container-related technologies (such as Kubernetes and Mesos) with Puppet.
  • Real-world examples of cloud adoption, migration, portability and security, spanning private, public and hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Talks about developer experience and tooling.
  • Using Puppet to manage application stacks and automate app deployments.
  • Examples of Puppet orchestration to direct infrastructure changes.
  • Culture- and people-related topics around continuous improvement, including career and skill development.
  • Using automation and continuous integration tools to enable continuous delivery.
  • Examples of integrating security requirements into your software development and moving security to the left (i.e., earlier in the software development process). .
  • Compliance practices that help you prepare for audits more painlessly, ensure compliance, and respond quickly to incidents.
  • Examples of scaling the use of Puppet across your entire organization.
  • Advanced tips and tricks for Puppet.

We invite you to join Puppet and our thriving community of customers, partners and Puppet practitioners in San Francisco, California, from 10 - 12 October.

As always, diversity is essential to a quality PuppetConf. You can apply for a travel scholarship if your talk is accepted, you are from a group that's underrepresented in tech, and your employer won't pay for your attendance. To apply, indicate your interest on the CFP submission form.

Please note that 23 April is the final deadline for accepting talk proposals — be sure to get yours in on time! We look forward to seeing your proposals, and can't wait to greet you in San Francisco this year for another unforgettable PuppetConf.

Kara Sowles is the manager of community and evangelism at Puppet.

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