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Puppet welcomes Abby Kearns as CTO

Puppet’s technology runs some of the most critical businesses, governments and municipalities around the globe. The current situation highlights the opportunity and obligation Puppet has to help our customers through these hard times and on to a better future. Infrastructure and platform teams are facing increased pressure to deliver value in a hybrid cloud world, upending their previous infrastructure strategies to focus on efficiency and flexibility. They have to rethink how they can remain compliant and secure across borders and with new remote operating models. And they need to deliver services and applications more quickly than ever before. Puppet is keenly focused on helping infrastructure and platform teams conquer the challenges they have today while preparing them for the future leveraging infrastructure automation.

In times like these, teams matter more than ever. I am thrilled to announce Abby Kearns has joined our Puppet team as our chief technology officer. I’ve been lucky enough to call Abby a peer and have been following her career for many years. Abby brings 20 years of deep expertise in cloud computing and growing open source communities and she is known for her industry vision. She is keenly aware of Puppet’s mission, having served on our Product Advisory Board for the last year, and passionate about the power of our technology. Her deep customer-centric approach to getting work done and her depth of experience with large enterprises are two major value adds — among many — that Abby brings to Puppet. With the addition of Abby to our team, we are very well equipped to help our customers scale to a better tomorrow.

Prior to joining Puppet, Abby was the executive director of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, where she led strategy and ecosystem development, expanding the foundation’s global footprint, and building an install base that included more than half of the Fortune 500 with four of the Digital Nations standardized on the technology. With Abby’s leadership, the Foundation ushered in a new way of thinking, with technologies like Kubernetes, Envoy, and now Istio integrated into the platform. At Puppet, under Abby’s leadership, we will continue to grow and evolve our product portfolio to deliver on the promise of full-stack automation in a hybrid world.

Please help me welcome Abby to the Puppet family. I look forward to her partnership as we continue to build on the strength of what we have created thus far.