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Puppet Supported: Automation for the Rest of the Data Center

As someone who’s been involved with the issues of running enterprise-scale data centers, and seen what a huge competitive advantage well-planned, well-run IT can be, I’m delighted to announce the Puppet Supported Program, which provides fully tested, certified and supported solutions for managing compute, network and storage resources.

Along with our impressive roster of launch partners — Cisco, Arista Networks, Brocade, Cumulus Networks, Dell, EMC, F5, Huawei and NetApp — we’re enabling customers to automate the entire data center. This means you’ll be able to manage not just servers, but also networking and storage devices with one simple, powerful automation solution, making it much easier to communicate across teams and deploy applications faster.

Virtualization and cloud have long held out the promise of faster and more efficient deployments, but network and storage management have not kept up with IT system management, when it comes to automation. The challenges network and storage admins face are very similar to those sysadmins have long dealt with — manual, error-prone processes, ticket proliferation, a growing backlog of technical debt, and the inability to realize the full benefits of cloud and virtualization.

Puppet Labs has always been about helping sysadmins free themselves of the work that computers actually do better, so they can do the work that people do best: analyzing metrics and applying their learning to make IT better serve business needs. Puppet Supported is our next step toward helping all admins, and promoting better collaboration between different technical teams. With Puppet Enterprise automating all the layers in the data center, admins will be able to design their companies’ technology strategies to better meet customer demand and adapt quickly to ever-shifting market conditions.

Each of our partners has committed to creating a joint solution with us so Puppet Enterprise can be used to manage their products. These platforms are fully certified by Puppet Labs, and jointly supported. Our customers will get the benefits of a fully tested, fully supported automation solution for the leading hardware in today’s data centers. Just as important, they’ll get a foundation for stronger collaboration amongst their technical teams.

At Puppet Labs, we’ve always believed in modeling your infrastructure to enable collaboration and greater efficiency in operational management. It’s great to see that our traditionally compute-focused model is so flexible, it can be just as effective for network and storage, too.

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