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Puppet love: keep calm and change the logo

Love. It’s a powerful word. And not one I would have expected to hear in conjunction with IT automation.

As a new employee, it didn’t take long for me to notice how much love there is for Puppet. Barely two months into the job, I signed on to work at last year’s OpenStack conference in Vancouver, B.C., so I could meet Puppet users face to face. The most common refrain? “I love Puppet.” Often followed by, “Puppet changed my life.”

All this great unsolicited feedback is a marketer’s dream come true. So why would we change the logo of a beloved, globally recognized brand?

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished this past decade — and even more excited about the company’s future. While there will always be a place in our hearts for all things Puppet Labs, nothing about our longtime brand was intentional. Everything you've seen over the past 10 years — the logo, the color palette — is a mash-up of different ideas at different stages of growth.

But if Puppet is anything, it’s a very intentional company. And we’re a big believer in continuous improvement. In the process of deciding to drop “Labs” from our company name, we saw the opportunity to do a better job of aligning our visual identity with the company’s purpose — and how our own community describes how they value us. We wanted to intentionally design a brand that expresses empowering the individual, and how Puppet creates connections between both people and systems.

Working closely with our founder and CEO Luke Kanies and Fuzzco, our creative agency, we came up with several strong conceptual directions but no obvious winners. That is, until Luke suggested we apply the rules of a directed acyclic graph to the brand pattern of the concept we liked best. That was the breakthrough we needed.

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The pattern of nodes is built on DAG principles, with a single filled node representing the user who manages the system, or the user engaging with the broader Puppet community. The pattern always grows outward and upward from the filled node, never turning back on itself. It represents constant advancement and growth — because that’s both our commitment to helping Puppet users succeed and what we strive to do as a company.

Changing something people love is risky. As we’ve prepared for today’s launch, it’s been extremely gratifying to see how creative our employees have been in embracing the new Puppet.

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We love our new look and feel. We hope you do, too.

Suzame Tong is director of marketing communications at Puppet.

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