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Puppet Labs is Sustainability at Work Gold Certified

Puppet Labs has been on a roll…and this time it is not our user community, but the physical one we live in that is giving rave reviews! The City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work Program recently announced Puppet Labs as a Gold Certification winner!

It all began with the culture here…they care about their community and take immense pride in doing their bit for the environment. Most of the Puppet Labs employees (80% to be precise) come to work on bikes, public transport, or on foot. They even have an in-house bike rack in their dining/meeting area!

The company is housed in a LEED Gold building, and the employees adopt energy efficient measures in their daily lives. “Daily life” includes bringing dogs to work, eating cupcakes and drinking from the kegorator at weekly meetings, and recycling most of what they throw into the bins. Even the copious coffee habit comes with a green benefit, with buckets of grounds being saved for employees’ gardens. In keeping with the relaxed yet results-driven work environment, I saw people coming up with ways to make the company greener—not because they were looking for an award, but because caring about the environment comes naturally to them.

I should introduce myself: I’m an MBA student from the University of Oregon, and I helped document all the environmentally friendly activities going on at Puppet Labs. I reported the activities to Sustainability at Work in the areas of Energy (e.g. the T8 lighting, the energy star equipment), Water (e.g. we have tap water not bottled water, we have water-saving faucets), Materials and Waste (we do cardboard, glass recycling, we avoid printing out documents) and Transportation. Beyond activities in these four areas, there’s also an internal portal with postings about various volunteering opportunities, sustainable transportation options, green living etc. Once I gathered all the information, we used the Sustainability at Work calculator to report our work to City of Portland. There was another round of reporting where we filled in another checklist of actions. The final round had a City of Portland expert come over for an on-site verification process. Finally, Puppet Labs received the highest possible certification, GOLD!

Puppet Labs is one of the 7 businesses in Portland to be gold certified, and the only software company. This certification holds good for the next three years. The City of Portland’s website has already featured Puppet Labs as a Gold Winner. Mayor Sam Adams (those of you who visited Portland for PuppetConf last year may remember him speaking) had the following statement:

“Congratulations to Puppet Labs, Inc. on becoming Sustainability at Work Gold Certified. We appreciate Puppet Labs, Inc.’s leadership in taking concrete actions to make Portland a better place to live and work. We hope that Puppet Labs, Inc.’s achievement inspires other businesses to make innovative changes that improve profitability and sustainability.”

This is a great achievement for Puppet Labs, and we feel proud to be recognized as a responsible environmental and community steward.