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Puppet joins the new Continuous Delivery Foundation

Today, the Linux Foundation announced the Continuous Delivery Foundation, a new, neutral organization created to grow and sustain a continuous delivery ecosystem. Through the CDF, the top developers, users and vendors in our industry will work together to evangelize CI/CD methodologies, define best practices, and create training materials to enable any organization to successfully move to continuous delivery. Today, the foundation is also the home to open source projects such as Jenkins, Jenkins X, Spinnaker and Tekton, and the ecosystem will grow over time.

We’re excited to announce that Puppet has joined the CDF as a founding member, to help contribute to the best practices and ideas generated through the community, and to help more organizations adopt continuous delivery practices.

Why is this so important?

With continuous delivery, teams produce software in short cycles so it can be reliably released at any time. The goal is to build, test and deploy software faster and more frequently, in order to reduce the cost, time and risk of delivering changes.

While most organizations have a pretty established continuous integration (CI) practice, many still struggle to achieve true continuous delivery. We believe there is ample opportunity to help simplify continuous delivery by standardizing workflows and empowering developers with self-service build and deployment capabilities. Many of our customers are also evolving their traditional release management function to a development services model, where teams empower developers to own the build and deployment process for the applications to which they contribute code (with the right level of governance, of course).

We’re excited to partner with the CDF to help drive the growth and accessibility of continuous delivery practices, and encourage you to get involved with the foundation, either as a member or as a contributor to the projects it sponsors.

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Michael Olson is manager, product marketing at Puppet.