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Puppet Enterprise 2019.2 brings more ways to automate infrastructure

Puppet Enterprise 2019.2 is now available and brings more automation to everything. In case you missed our pre-announcement, you can read it here for more details. But as a quick recap, Puppet Enterprise 2019.2 focuses on what our customers need by delivering more value to meet them where they are and how they work while offering the best of both automation worlds, agentless and agent-based.

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Automate complex workflows

We take listening to our customers seriously. One of the most requested features for our roadmap was the ability to use plans from the Puppet Enterprise console. Automating complex infrastructure can be well, complex. Plans gives you the orchestration capabilities to automate the infrastructure that requires specific steps in a “do not pass go, until...” like fashion. Not only can you solve complex orchestration needs directly from the console, but you can share plans with your team and others in your organization and view step-by-step changes as the plan is run.

A few examples of using plans in the Puppet Enterprise console include patching your operating system, deploying applications, and automating any manual processes that need to happen in a specific order.

Bring agentless servers and networking devices under management

Puppet Enterprise 2019.2 also comes with improvements to agentless nodes and networking devices including updates for Cisco IOX-XE devices. This release offers better node management regardless of type, and gives customers an easier way to bring all of their nodes under management (including agentless and networking devices). With a new onboarding workflow, customers can add any type of infrastructure, save their credentials and connection information, and make any required changes directly from the console.

Support for FIPS, IPv6 and 508

Additionally, with this release, we’ve set out to help our customers within the federal government space adopt DevOps best practices like infrastructure as code. We’ve added FIPS compliance to enable federal and other government agencies to use Puppet Enterprise by releasing the master for RedHat Enterprise Linux in FIPS mode, and by enabling Windows agents to be used on Windows Server in FIPS mode. (In the coming year, we are seeking full FIPS certification through government labs.) Customers can also use IPv6 for networking on all platforms with Puppet Enterprise 2019.2.

Puppet Enterprise is, and has been (for many releases), fully accessible via section 508 compliance, to ensure anyone can manage their infrastructure. You can see our VPATs (our voluntary compliance assessments) here.

Puppetize PDX recap

Finally, if you didn’t get a chance to attend Puppetize PDX, or maybe you did, but missed out on a few sessions because they were all SO GOOD, you can now access the keynotes, track one, track two and track three on YouTube. Grab some popcorn, Puppetize and chill.

Try it now.

Alexa Sevilla is a senior product marketing manager at Puppet.

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