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Puppet Camp Silicon Valley Highlights

We had a great time at the Silicon Valley Puppet Camp on January 27, with about 120 people from all over the valley coming out to talk about Puppet. We had a great mix of people, both very new to Puppet and seasoned veterans.

Ryan Coleman kicked off the day with the Puppet Camp keynote presentation, talking about why we need configuration management, all the various technologies that come together to make Puppet and Puppet Enterprise, and where to go from here.

Next up was Andrew Hamilton with some real world examples of how the folks at Twitter are using Puppet, including some details of the migration from Puppet 2.7 to 3.x; his team’s workflow; how they manage modules; and much more.

Next up: "rake puppetexpert:create," delivered by Nathan Valentine, one of our own professional services engineers. Nathan’s talk centered on what he has learned about cultivating Puppet expertise in his work with many of our customers. He shared numerous tips that will help you improve your Puppet code, as well as some great ways to organize the Puppet module environment to keep it maintainable and flexible.

The always entertaining Tomas Doran of Yelp talked about deploying puppet code at light speed, including how to manage your code using MCollective and some testing tools that are part of his solution. Thomas' talk was especially great because he shared not just the technical solutions to his problems, but also the philosophy that drove his technology decisions. This is extremely valuable for understanding which solutions are the best for your individual environments.

Because we can't get enough of Ryan, we had him present again. This time his focus was on module best practices. Ryan talked about the Puppet Forge, Geppetto, and how to write great modules.

Everyone has questions about using Puppet, so we gave the audience plenty of time to get answers to their pressing questions. Scott Johnston moderated a panel of expert Puppet experts that included Ryan, Tomas, Nathan, Chad Metcalf and me.

We wrapped up the day with Chad doing a demo highlighting a few of the many things you can do with Puppet and Puppet Enterprise, before adjourning to enjoy drinks and snacks. One of my favorite new features shown in the demo is the Event Inspector in the Puppet Enterprise Console. This shows event data from the perspective of the resources that are in need of attention across the entire infrastructure, versus having to look at individual nodes to determine the true scope and impact of a resource change or error.

If you missed Puppet Camp Silicon Valley, you can get links to the presentations or view materials from other past Puppet Camps on the Puppet Camp page of our website.

We have several upcoming Puppet Camps (London, Paris, Berlin, and Tokyo) and other Puppet events for which we’re still accepting talk proposals. I encourage you to submit yours!

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