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PS Units: Budget now, use later

Organizations are constantly under pressure to meet market demands while boosting ROI. To meet these expectations, they rely on IT to deliver with limited resources and budget. Do more, faster, for less money and with fewer errors.

To do that, IT needs access to the latest tools, services and training so they can stay on top of their game. If you aren’t giving your IT people what they need, your competition most definitely is, and you won’t be able to adapt to change and adjust to new innovations.

Learn and grow with Puppet

Puppet offers a cost-effective and flexible way to tap consulting services and private training. Professional Services (PS) Units let you allocate budget for Puppet services before you even identify exactly how you'll want to use them. You set your budget up front, and use the units as needed over a period of 12 months or less.

Are you planning to purchase Puppet Enterprise, but haven’t finalized your implementation and training strategy? Or maybe you plan to upgrade to the latest version, and want to add a six-month follow-up with Puppet to ensure everything's running smoothly. Here are some examples of how you can use your PS Units:

  • Implementation services to help you rapidly deploy and implement Puppet Enterprise.
  • Upgrade services to simplify the process and complete your upgrade faster, with lower cost and risk.
  • Puppet workflow process consulting to improve release management and implement DevOps practices.
  • Deployment and code reviews, with reporting on areas for improvement.
  • Custom module development fitted to your specifications.
  • Comprehensive private training to get started quickly with Puppet and advance your skills.

Simple, fast and convenient

You don’t have to do this by yourself. Puppet can help with training and professional services that get you up and running with Puppet, and take your skills to the next level.

With PS Units, you can take advantage of your budget cycle and buy in a single transaction, then apply units to consulting services and private training when you’re ready. Get the PS units you need and redeem them throughout the year. We’ll keep track of consumption, reminding you throughout the year how many units you have left.

Puppet PS units benefit your team — and your company

The demand for professionals who know their way around Puppet is high — and continues to increase year over year. When your team is more proficient in Puppet, it delivers more business value to your organization. PS Units help you:

  • Increase your organization’s ability to adopt new technologies.
  • Build a more efficient, effective and highly motivated team.
  • Enhance your company’s competitive position.

Stephanie Stouck is the senior services marketing manager at Puppet.

Learn more:

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