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Project Month 2019: Coming soon to a keyboard near you!

Contributor Summit project month is an experimental new format that builds on hack sessions from past Contributor Summits and refocuses on long-term sustainability. We're hoping that not only do you get a supported chance to play with some of our new technology, but you can build it into something that contributes to the larger DevOps community.

When can we start?

D Projects month

We'll kick things off May first with a month-long collaborative hackathon and make our first releases the week of Contributor Summit. If you're attending then you'll even have the opportunity to take the stage for a few minutes to talk about your project! If you'd rather not, we can announce it for you.

We'll work with you via Office Hours throughout the month to help you maximize the value of your time and reduce the amount of overhead you'll have to handle. See the project documentation for some of the ways that Puppet can collaborate with you.

How do we contribute?

There are no real restrictions on what projects you can choose, only two suggestions:

  1. You should be able to complete an MVP release in one month.
  2. The project should contribute something positive to the world of DevOps.

This means that your project could be anything from a Puppet module, to a CI or testing framework, to enhanced documentation for another project, to a process or development pattern proposal. The possibilities are endless!

It's easy to get going and mostly self-directed. Just let us know what you're working on and what we can do to help you out. You can sign up for Project Month now and let us know you're interested, even if you don't know yet what you want to work on. We'll remind you when it's time to get the party started and then most of our conversations will take place in the Puppet Community Slack.

We're glad that you're joining us on this adventure. It will be fun!

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Ben Ford is a Developer Advocate at Puppet