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Our Puppet values: equality, inclusion and respect

As an immigrant myself, I have been blessed with the opportunity and freedom to pursue my dream. I have been able to work in the best companies, travel the world with freedom and over two decades ago became a naturalized US citizen at the first opportunity I got. I have always been — and am still — immensely proud to be American.

The recent immigration ban that has placed travel restrictions on people who make important contributions to global and U.S. economies has impacted most businesses, countless individuals and families. Puppet is no exception.

We wholeheartedly support the importance of national security and safety. We also believe in the equality of every individual, and deeply value every member of our Puppet community worldwide. Respect and inclusion have always been foundational to Puppet.

We remain committed to providing our employees with resources to help them thrive in their professional lives, no matter where they are. We are a global company, and our team works across boundaries and borders. We are taking proactive steps that will enable our people to travel safely, continue to work effectively and serve our customers worldwide. And we are partnering closely with immigration counsel to advise and assist employees who may be disrupted by recent U.S. immigration policy changes.

To help further the protection of human rights everywhere, Puppet is pledging to match up to $25,000 for employee contributions made to the ACLU. Though we’re a small company with limited resources, there’s a lot we can do. We’re in the process of identifying how our employees at our offices around the world can support the refugees in our communities. Often it’s not money but time that makes the biggest difference. Puppet employees get four paid days off to volunteer each year. This is just the beginning, and I hope other companies will join Puppet in our outreach.

Our diverse employees are the greatest in the world and our source of strength. We will continue to hire based on merit, and will never discriminate for any reason.

Sanjay Mirchandani is the CEO at Puppet.