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November 2017 Windows modules update

It’s been another busy month on the Forge, with lots of updates and fixes to some of our most popular Windows modules. This month there are updates to our IIS, VSCode, SQL modules — and more! Don’t forget that you can subscribe to modules to get notified of new releases.

Puppet now supports IIS 10 in the latest puppetlabs-iis module

This is a feature release, with IIS 10 and Server 2016 Core support. This includes the PowerShell module for the existing types:

  • iis_site
  • iis_application
  • iis_application_pool
  • Iis_virtual_directory

Additional features in this release:

  • Added support for IIS 10 (Server 2016)
  • Added support for Server 2016 Core
  • Added a GitHub Pull Request template to help community submissions


  • Loosen restriction on names for iis_site (MODULES-5293)
  • Loosen restriction on name for iis_application_pool (MODULES-5626)
  • Loosen restriction on iis_application applicationname parameter (MODULES-5627)
  • Fix iis_virtual_directory idempotency (MODULES-5344)
  • Add support for net.pipe protocol to iis_site (MODULES-5521)

Note: iis_feature is not included in this list as it's not related to IIS config, it installs features.

Puppet language support for Visual Studio Code

The 0.8.0 release for the Puppet VSCode extension has been released. This extension provides full Puppet language support for Visual Studio Code.


  • Backslashes in File Path do not display in Node Graph
  • Experimental Puppet-Debugger
  • Fix logger in PDK New Task
  • Do not error in validation exception handler
  • Add stdio mode to language server
  • Fix rubocop violations

To learn more, read this blog post and check out the extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

SQL Server Module

The SQL Server Module repo is open for contributions now. We heard from the community that you would like to be able to contribute to this module, so we’ve opened up the repository. The Puppet Enterprise licensing still applies because this is a Puppet Enterprise Only module.

Azure Module Version 1.2.1

The following updates took place between October and November 2017.


  • This release adds internationalization for the README.md.
  • The first supported language is Japanese.
  • Support for Azure's managed disks feature removes the requirement to associate a storage account with each Azure VM, removing one of the fundamental limitations of the platform.
  • Premium SSD backed VMs for enhanced performance of production class environments are now supported and documented.
  • The network security group can now be specified when creating a VM.
  • Cross networking support.
  • Tagging is now supported for Puppet Types.


  • Redundant acceptance tests removed.

We are continually improving our Windows experience on the Forge. Check back for new releases and updates on our popular modules.

Craig Gomes is an engineering manager at Puppet.

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