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Nigel and Deepak chat about Contributor Summit 2019

We asked Deepak and Nigel to share some reasons they are excited about Contributor Summit this year and give us a preview of their opening talk. Remember these fresh faces? This was in 2011 at the very first Puppet Camp in Amsterdam.

nigel deepak

And look at them now. A lot has changed, but these two are still the heart of the Puppet community.

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They’ll be sharing the stage to talk about all the useful stuff we’ve been putting out, and past performance indicates, crack obscure jokes and digress into non sequiturs. They’ll also be hanging out during the event, unencumbered by their usual executive duties, to spend time with you.

Let the interview begin!

What’s awesome about Bu-da-PESHT?


Nigel: Hey Deepak! Did you know that Budapest has more thermal springs than any other country in the world?


Nigel: AND it has the oldest subway-line in mainland Europe!


Nigel: WE ALL LOVE TRAINS! We’ve got some amazing train news coming at Puppet too soon, but gentle reader, I cannot tell you what it is yet! Choo-Choo!

Deepak: It's a good thing this isn't a podcast, because I'm not entirely sure how to properly pronounce "Budapest"

Nigel: If only I could hyperlink you in this totally spontaneous verbal conversation that’s just been transcribed . Budapest. Budapest. Budapest!

Deepak: So this feels like you’ve got something planned in Budapest…

Nigel: Why indeed I do! June 4th and 5th of this year Puppet will be running our first ever standalone Contributor Summit, in Budapest!

Deepak: I still think that "Contributors Confab" sounds cooler and more sophisticated, but I'll roll with it.

Why are we doing this event?


Deepak: It's been a while since we had an event like this in Europe!

Nigel: Puppet has had a great European contributor community ever since the earliest days, and we’ve got an even stronger presence there now that we’ve opened up our Romanian office in Timisoara to go with our second biggest engineering office in Belfast and other folks working around Europe.

Deepak: I've missed seeing a lot of our European contributors at events past, both because they're smart folks but ALSO because I'm jealous of their sophisticated accents.

Nigel: Contributor Summit was traditionally attached to our big annual user conference, but last year we experimented with Puppetize Live across three cities and continents and an Online Contributor Month. What we heard from all of you was that you loved us having a presence in Europe, but you really missed having a single, in-person event focused entirely on contributors doing development in the Puppet ecosystem.

Deepak: pulls up Why Not Both? on his phone

Nigel: That’s what we’re doing in Budapest in June! We wanted to do this event somewhere fun and not as expensive as the big traditional conference cities in Europe. So pack your bags.

Deepak: We’re going to Budapest!

What will folks be up to?


Deepak: As far as the agenda goes: this is a contributors' summit, so the focus is on giving people lots of time with their hands on keyboards. Thus, the agenda is almost all workshops and breakout sessions where we can all hack on familiar projects, experiment with newer ones, or whatever else inspires you to sling some 1's and 0's.

Nigel: And we’ll have a whole bunch of engineers from our Timisoara and Belfast offices as well as folks coming over from Portland HQ - whatever your questions or problems you’re looking to solve are, we’ll have folks around to help!

Deepak: Plus, a very special guest…

Nigel: Yep! Their name is actually an anagram for “Saki Leek Nu” which sounds like a try-hard cocktail now I think about it.

Learn more / let’s go!


Nigel: Go to this page and register NOW.


Nigel: Get a free set of chef knives! No wait…. salt? no wait… A category of fictional device or technology capable of near-instantaneous or superluminal communication? ...…... Ah forget it, we’ll go with the stickers and t-shirts this community was built on.

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Ben Ford is a developer advocate, principal software engineer at Puppet.