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New year, new look for Bolt (and new stickers!)

Bolt now has a logo, and we are excited to share it! But first, a little context. When we first launched Bolt, it was based on user feedback and conversations like, “It’d be great if we had a tool that could do xyz…” As a team, we’re always trying to make it easier to consume Puppet and to meet the needs of our users, so we built Bolt.

Little did we know, or maybe we did, just how powerful it would become. Bolt is an open-source, agentless automation tool, that offers the fastest way to automate for people just getting started or even the most experienced developers.

As a product manager, my number one goal is to solve users’ problems, so when a user tells me they’ve switched over from another tool and their life has improved, it means the world to me. Our users have told me stories about taking half the time to do deployments or patching 1000s of damaged systems in less than five minutes - stories like that are just awesome to hear.

As we began to grow our following it quickly became obvious to us all that Bolt needed its own identity and with that a new logo was born.

Designing the logo

Turns out, there’s a lot that goes into a logo, it's much more than just an image you see next to your favorite brand name. At Puppet we have brand guidelines that help guide this process and include asking questions like: "what is the brand, the feeling, the colors?", or even as simple as "what font should we use?" We wanted the Bolt logo to be representative of what the tool is, why it's great, and something that made us feel like it was distinctive, while keeping a little of our “puppety-ness”. Which meant that a lightning bolt just wouldn't cut it.

So we started with, “what is a bolt?”

Then we asked ourselves, "what is our bolt?"

Bolt is an open source, agentless multi-platform automation tool that allows you to get started with infrastructure automation quickly and easily without the prerequisites of knowing Puppet.

With this, our awesome lead designer Elliot Olson, took this information into into his creative process and came back with some black and white marks to review.

Elliot’s process in his own words:

I started sketching in notebooks while in meetings, on the train, afterwork while playing games... then when I had some decent ideas I moved those sketches to Adobe Illustrator to refine the first set of marks. The creative process is always an evolution that involves time and thoughtfulness, and usually doesn’t happen overnight. After a few rounds of adjusting the details, we came up with something authentic.

There were a bunch of cool concepts we liked, some we liked more, some we liked less and with that it was back to the drawing board (literally). In the second round, the marks were still black and white but as we reviewed the last logo, all of a sudden it clicked and we knew we found the one. The logo we picked is intended to evoke a sense of motion without being dependent on the understanding that bolt is fast in many senses of the word.

And now we have a logo for Bolt

...the fastest open source on-ramp to automation.

What I love about the Bolt logo is, the longer you look, the cooler it gets, and you start to feel that sense of movement just by staring at it. The final round was all about color, we looked at a few and went with "seafoam" (#59e2b7 to be exact).

This gave it the electric pop we were looking for... plus, it looks really good on a t-shirt.

As part of the Bolt logo launch, we want to hear from you. Tweet us at @puppetize and let us know how you are using bolt today with #puppetbolt. In exchange, we’ll send you stickers with the new logo. If you haven’t started automating with bolt, download it here (puppet.com/getbolt) and let us know what you think, we’d love to send you stickers too. And don’t forget to tell your friends.

Yasmin is a Senior Product Manager at Puppet.

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