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New! Windows collection on the Puppet Forge

We're excited to share our new Windows collection page on the Puppet Forge! This page was built for users passionate about Windows and includes some of our favorite resources on using Puppet with Windows.

Screenshot of the Windows collection page on the Puppet Forge

From the most passionate Windows practitioner to those just getting started with Puppet, the focus of this page is built around bringing together important tutorials, how-to-guides, and Windows modules that represent high-value goals our Windows administrators have. As a one-stop shop, the Windows collection page makes it easier for Windows users to find the content needed to complete their tasks. Whether you’re moving infrastructure to Azure or just trying to keep your SQL Server running, Puppet helps Windows teams save time and reduce risk through consistently applied automation that works across brownfield data centers or greenfield clouds. The Forge helps teams get to where they need to be faster by having more than 6,000 ready-to-use modules with automation content for MS SQL Server, WSUS, PowerShell, Chocolatey, and more.

With this content, standing up an MS SQL Server instance is as straightforward as a bit of Puppet code from the puppetlabs-sqlserver module's documentation page:

You'll also find step-by-step guides for other common tasks. For example, this guide walks you through invoking a PowerShell script on one or many Windows nodes in your infrastructure to restart services when needed. Then it shows you how to level up your Bolt expertise and create an inventory file to group machines into logical names, and it even shows you how to turn that PowerShell script into a Bolt task that you can use in plans that can run arbitrarily complex jobs across your entire infrastructure.

Learn more by checking out additional examples of our step-by-step guides, blogs, and tutorials that help practitioners solve problems right away. In addition to our Windows collection page, our most recent examples include: Configuration management use case & Deploy Splunk Enterprise with connected infrastructure in minutes

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