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New VMware vRealize Orchestrator Puppet Plugin

VMware released a new vRealize Orchestrator (formerly vCO) plugin that makes it easy to bootstrap the Puppet agent as you spin up virtual machines.

It takes multiple steps to provision a virtual machine, configure it properly and deploy the Puppet agent on it. Because these steps are often done with various non-integrated tools, the process can be time consuming and subject to errors.

With vRealize Orchestrator, you can already automate the first part of that workflow, from provisioning the virtual machine, to configuring the IP information in your IPAM, to updating your CMDB, and whatever else needs to happen. The new vRealize Orchestrator Puppet plug-in allows you to finish the job by automating the installation of the Puppet agent, including certificate signing and node classification.

The vRO Puppet plugin provides the following workflows:

  • Register and manage multiple Puppet Masters in the vRO inventory.
  • Install and configure the Puppet agent on Linux and Windows-based nodes using SSH and PowerShell, respectively.
  • Sign or revoke node certificate signing request on Puppet Master.
  • Classify the node using Hiera or Puppet manifests.
  • Trigger a Puppet agent run.
  • Remediate a Puppet node.

The vRO Puppet plugin is compatible with Puppet Enterprise 3.7.0 or 3.3 and Puppet Open Source 3.7.1 or 3.6.2. Please note that the current version of the plugin uses Hiera or manifests for classification and does not yet support Node Manager, which was introduced in Puppet Enterprise 3.7.

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