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New Q&A Site to Ask Puppet Questions

Today, we are launching the beta version of a new question and answer site where you can ask any Puppet questions or provide answers for questions from other Puppet users and developers. We have an active online community of open source and Puppet Enterprise users, and ask.puppetlabs.com is another great forum for answering Puppet questions, collaboration and sharing of best practices. The idea is to give you another way to ask questions if you aren't a fan of mailing lists or IRC. It's similar to a forum, but is more like Stack Overflow. You can get a good feel for the type of questions people are asking by visiting the Ask site now. Any question about using Puppet or Puppet Enterprise, puppetizing your infrastructure, troubleshooting, Puppet Forge modules, and related technologies are all fair game. With the focus on asking questions, it is a little harder for people to digress into endless debates. However, the main benefit is that great answers and knowledge live on, and it gives us a better place to point people for good answers than mailing list archives. Because this Q&A site lives on puppetlabs.com, you can easily do a google search with site:puppetlabs.com along with your query to find answers to questions along with relevant documentation and other information all in the same location. We are still working through a few last bugs, and I expect that you will find a few bugs, too. We have a project in the bug tracker where you can see existing bugs, file new bugs or suggest improvements. We need your help. Visit the Ask site now to get started: https://ask.puppetlabs.com/questions/ Please ask your questions, answer some existing questions, file bugs to let us know what isn’t working, and be patient while we fix your bugs :) If you have any questions or concerns about the new Q&A site for Puppet, please let me know.

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