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New Integrations with Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio

Today we're excited to announce our integrations with Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio. This morning at Build 2014, Mark Russinovich, technical fellow, Cloud and Enterprise Division at Microsoft, and Luke Kanies, CEO of Puppet Labs, unveiled the integration between Puppet Enterprise and Azure.

In Luke's words: "Our goal is to help you automate the configuration and ongoing management of your machines and the software running on them, so you spend less of your time firefighting and running simple scripts across a thousand machines, and more time getting great software in front of your users.” This integration represents one of the ways we’re helping customers realize the full benefits of the cloud by making it easier and faster to deploy applications across any platform or cloud environment.

With this integration, a Puppet Enterprise Agent extension is now available on the Azure Gallery so joint customers can easily deploy an Azure cloud resource that is configured and managed by Puppet Enterprise. For Azure customers and trial members who are new to Puppet Enterprise, we’re providing a free Puppet Enterprise trial on the Azure Gallery through May 31, 2014, so you can quickly and easily deploy a pre-configured Puppet Master image. For step-by-step instructions, download our new Getting Started Guide for Deploying Puppet Enterprise in Microsoft Azure.

Operations teams aren’t the only people who get to have fun with Puppet Enterprise. Developers can now write and validate their Puppet modules in Visual Studio and publish them directly to the Puppet Forge with the new Visual Studio for Puppet plugin. This gives developers and operations teams a single tool to manage their infrastructure, facilitating better cross-team collaboration, and making it easier for everyone to do their jobs.

These integrations build on our comprehensive Windows automation capabilities and represent our ongoing commitment to the Windows community. We provide broad support for Windows, including Windows Server versions 2003 through 2012, Windows 7 and 8 and Windows Vista. This includes native support for the following resource types: file, user, group, scheduled task, package (.msi), service, exec, and host. To make the Puppet Enterprise installation super-simple, we provide a standard Windows .msi package that bundles all prerequisites — no additional software needed. In that bundle, you get all the goodness of 40-plus open source projects, including MCollective, PuppetDB and Hiera.

Out of the box (as of Puppet Enterprise 3.1), we include the handy puppetlabs-reboot module, which automates the painful task of rebooting Windows after you install a package, or when a reboot is pending. In Puppet Enterprise 3.2, we announced our first batch of supported modules, including the puppetlabs-registry module to help you manage keys and values in the Windows Registry.

Also available on the Puppet Forge: several modules to help you automate and manage critical Windows services and tools, including IIS, PowerShell, SQL Server and Windows Firewall.

This is just a taste of what you can manage with Puppet Enterprise, and it’s just the beginning of our collaboration with Microsoft. Stay tuned: Sign up to receive periodic updates on our Microsoft integrations.

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