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Moving to the Cloud and Containers sessions at PuppetConf 2017

With Puppetconf 2017 coming to San Francisco in less than a month we thought it might be interesting to take a look at some of the talks we have lined up. In this post we’re focusing on the Moving to the Cloud and Containers track.

Moving to the cloud

We have several talks focused on using Puppet with public and private cloud environments.

R Tyler Croy from CloudBees will be explaining all about Shipping the Jenkins Project to Azure with Puppet and Kubernetes. This session will tell a fascinating story about embracing modern tooling and migrating a six-year-old infrastructure to the cloud.

Nelson Araujo from Google will be talking about Puppet and Google Cloud: From Nothing to Production in 10 Minutes. You might have seen the recent announcement about spinning up resources in GCE using Puppet, and this talk will be a great place to explore the new modules and hopefully see some great demos.

Managing a public and private cloud infrastructure across 12 locations and four continents and with over 150 changes per day sounds like a good story. In Adobe Advertising Cloud: A Lean Puppet Workflow to Support a Multi-Cloud and Cloud-Bursting Infrastructure we’ll hear from Nicolas Brousse of Adobe Systems on how they manage it all with Puppet, Gerrit, Jenkins and Terraform.

In Zero to Kubernetes in the Cloud, Scott Coulton from Puppet will demo bringing up a new Puppet Enterprise service in AWS using our AWS Marketplace integration and then using Puppet to provision a working Kubernetes Cluster.

There are some excellent talks related to cloud migration in some of the other tracks too. If you’re interested in how to secure your environment using Puppet autosigning in a highly dynamic environment, check out How Yelp Learned to Trust Puppet Agent Security in a Cloudy World with Kyle Anderson from Yelp in the Going Deeper with Puppet track. And for more insights into how to best manage infrastructure on Azure, see Unlocking Azure with Puppet Enterprise with Keiran Sweet from Sourced Group in the Automation for Windows track.


We also have lots of talks about using Puppet to help manage container-based environments:

What’s in the Box?! - Leveraging Puppet Enterprise and Docker from Tricia Radcliffe of AppDynamics and Grace Andrews of Puppet should be an excellent introduction to Docker, and some of the Puppet tools that help you manage it.

Matthew Bates and Christian Simon from Jetstack will be talking about From Roller Coasters to Meerkats - 3 generations of production kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes can be a complex system to manage in production, and in this talk we’ll see several iterations of building a Kubernetes infrastructure using Puppet, Terraform and Packer.

In Use Puppet to Tame the Dockerfile Monster, Bryan Belanger from Autostructure will be talking about using Puppet to build a powerful toolkit for securely configuring Docker images.

Who Manages the Managers? Managing CoreOS and Kubernetes with Puppet from Lucy Wyman of Puppet should be an excellent introduction to how — and why — to manage modern container-centric operating systems like Container Linux from CoreOS with Puppet.

Last but not least, Leigh Capili from Beatport will be talking about Reducing Environment Drift to 0 with Containers. This talk will look at the advantages of scaling down your infrastructure and running services on a developer's machine, and how to minimise drift between different environments.

See you at PuppetConf

Hopefully the above talks have whet your appetite. Check out the full agenda for the times of the above talks, along with all the other great Puppet content. I’m sure we’ll also be having some interesting conversations about using Puppet for managing cloud and container environments at the Contributor Summit the day before PuppetConf too.

And for those that haven’t got your tickets yet then why not grab 10% off the price, with the FinalCountdown discount code.

Gareth Rushgrove is a principal software engineer at Puppet.