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Microsoft Tech Summit Tokyo: Puppet & DSC

Editor's Note: This is a translation from the Japanese of an article that originally appeared in Networld, covering the Microsoft Tech Summit held 2 November 2016 at the Tokyo Hilton, Odaiba: http://www.networld.co.jp/product/puppet/topics/20161209/

Brett Gray in Japan

Microsoft invited Puppet’s Brett Gray to their Tokyo Tech Summit to discuss Puppet and desired state configuration (DSC).

It was a very interesting presentation that attracted a full house, with over 120 guests attending.

The presentation introduced many engineers from Microsoft camps to the power of using Puppet with DSC to automate and configure your Windows servers.

When configuring and running servers, you need to manage many different elements that configure your servers, such as:

  • Install and update packages.
  • Edit configuration files.
  • Tune parameters, such as the Windows firewall and associated rules, or MSSQL parameters.
  • Start, stop and restart services.
  • As well as administer and configure your server components, such as IIS and associated websites and web applications.

Manually provisioning servers brings with it a lot of potential problems. For example:

  • Every step and process needs to be documented in a design document and procedural guide.
  • Manually adjusting settings takes up time and resources.
  • Operational mistakes are easy to make.
  • Frequent or major changes to configuration means massive time losses in process and documentation updates.

This isn’t too bad when dealing with maybe two to three servers, but when you’re operating at a scale of tens or hundreds of servers, these problems become exponentially worse.

When provisioning a system that needs to be configured only once, and no other changes are required after the system goes into production, you could assume that doing it manually would be quick enough.

However, in recent years, end users’ requirements have been constantly changing and new requirements have emerged, so the demands on systems have been changing at a dizzying pace. Keeping up with these rapid changes requires efficient server management.

Using Puppet’s DSC module, however, any setting from Windows PowerShell can be configured and this process automated, drastically increasing your systems management efficiency.

Simon Anderson is a technical account manager at Puppet.

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Original Japanese version of this article


Microsoft Tech Summit

マイクロソフト社のご招待でPuppet社のグレー・ブレット(Brett Gray)がPuppetとDesired State Configuration (DSC) の関連について説明していただきました。

* 各種パッケージのインストール・アップデート
* 各種設定ファイルの編集
* 各種パラメータのチューニング
* サービスの停止起動
* パッケージのアップデート


1.  設計書・手順書など作業の拠り所とするドキュメントの作成が必要
2.  設定作業に時間がかかる
3.  オペレーションミスが起きやすい
4.  構成変更の頻度や量が多いと、設計書・手順書・実機間の一貫性担保が大変




* 詳しくはこちらご覧ください(英語)
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