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Meet the new Director of Community at Puppet

Hello, world! My name is Lauren, and I am thrilled to be joining Puppet as the Director of Community.

Originally from Chicago, IL, I grew up playing ice hockey and loving deep dish pizza. Now living in Miami, FL, I spend my spare time performing in community theatre and working on my Divemaster scuba diving certification.

I came to the tech industry via a non-traditional route. I taught high school English for nearly a decade in Seattle, WA, before I took a massive leap of faith and pursued tech as a career. I was fortunate enough to attend an incredible program for women and gender diverse folks called Ada Developers Academy to learn to code.

Since graduating from Ada, I've been a part of some incredible engineering teams at both Amazon and GoDaddy where I solved complex problems using React, NodeJS, and Ruby. At Nexmo, I helped build a Developer Relations team focused on awareness, education, and enablement of our APIs. Having met so many impressive and inspirational career changers along the way, I created a podcast called We Belong Here: Lessons from Unconventional Paths to Tech to interview folks diversifying the industry and celebrate their unique journeys to tech.

As an educator to my core, I often look to blend my love for technology with pedagogy. I'm passionate about the art of storytelling, making content accessible for all, and sharing it with my communities. I love building things, being innovative and imaginative, and helping people learn along the way.

I believe in learning out loud, sharing questions, and being vulnerable. So you'll find me each week streaming on our new Puppetize Twitch channel as I onboard, learn different Puppet technologies, and meet folks internally and externally within Puppet's community.

I joined the company amidst a global crisis, and thus have not been able to meet folks in person just yet. And even as the world begins to open up, we will continue to create meaningful ways to connect with one another across the internet. But you better believe I cannot wait to travel and attend my first in-person event again (once it is safe, of course!) to meet you all.

I must acknowledge the democratizing impact staying at home to attend events has had though -- never before had I been able to attend a Meetup in Singapore the same day as a conference in New York as I did this year! So I promise to take what we learned these past two years and create events and experiences that work for both in-person and virtual attendees. I am excited to celebrate contributors, welcome new folks to our community, and cultivate a space for us to learn from one another.

I believe it is our duty to provide helpful and inspiring content that improves the lives of our community. To let go of our egos and be vulnerable by sharing the failures we've faced along the way. To provide the opportunity to everyone to learn Puppet technologies and utilize the innovative solutions they offer.

Community is the foundation of Puppet. I hope to continue that legacy by creating new opportunities for engagement as well as maintaining the programs that our community cares so much about. I believe fervently in the power of feedback and am eager to hear from you all. I'd love to better understand what you as the community want, so please consider completing this Community Survey and share your thoughts.

Please connect with me on Twitter or the Puppet Community Slack - I can't wait to hear from you!

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