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Meet our new board director and chief revenue officer

2019 was a big year for Puppet and I am so proud of our team for the work they’ve done building and bringing value to our customers and community of users. In these challenging times, we are thinking more than ever about the positive impact we can have on the world and how we can help support those in need. I wanted to take the opportunity to talk through some of the company initiatives I am most proud of as a leader and share some news about our leadership team that will help us continue to grow as a company.

A stronger commitment to be a purpose-driven company

When I started at Puppet, I wanted to make sure that we remained a purpose-driven company that gave back to the communities we live in. To further this goal, we recently announced our partnership with Pledge 1% to scale our social responsibility initiatives by investing 1% of our people’s time, 1% of our product, and 1% of our equity to nonprofit organizations. The COVID-19 crisis brings home the reason I am committed to building a company that thinks outside of our doors to help the communities around us.

Community-powered makes us stronger

The real power of Puppet is the complementary work of our amazing team and Puppet’s incredible open source community. This community helps us build our infrastructure tooling and creates reusable content on the Forge for thousands of users around the globe to benefit from.

Over 75% of our commits came from the community, there are now over 6,000 modules on the Forge, and we’ve seen more than 160,000 unique visitors to the Forge, who have collectively accounted for over three million downloads. Thank you all for your dedication, innovation, and hard work. It helps us exponentially deliver more value to the users of our technology than we could ever do on our own. This is the power of open source and community.

Leadership to drive continued stability

In a world where technology is changing at an unprecedented pace and where there are still many uncertainties, having experienced leaders and advisors is more important than ever. This is why I am excited to share with you the news that Susan Nash will be joining our Board of Directors as well as the promotion of Paul Heywood to chief revenue officer (CRO).

Susan and Paul are both deeply skilled at understanding the hard challenges businesses face and how to leverage technology to solve these problems in creative and scalable ways. Their insight and experience will be incredibly valuable as we look to drive a new level of customer intimacy and impact for a world that has become increasingly complex.

Susan is an inspirational leader with deep operating experience in IT infrastructure and senior-level management expertise at companies including HP, EMC, and most recently VMware, where she is senior vice president of strategic corporate alliances. As SVP, Susan leads a group that generates more than $1 billion in annual revenue for VMware, including strategic technology partners and ISVs, system integrators and outsourcers, and cloud-native application development partners.

Susan also knows a thing or two about running a company as CEO from her time at the helm of Voyence, a network configuration and change management solution that automates critical change, compliance, and activation processes. Susan served as president and CEO of Voyence shortly after the company’s founding in 2000 through its acquisition by EMC in 2007. As CEO, Susan grew the company from a small startup to a leader in the change management space, helping organizations drive down operational costs, increase availability, improve security, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

I first met Susan when VMware acquired her business unit from EMC. Susan and I worked together on that transaction and on many joint efforts at VMware afterward. I have always admired Susan’s customer-centricity, her passion for making an impact, and her integrity as a leader. I look forward to her mentorship and insight as we build on Puppet’s empowerment of practitioners and extend our strategic partnerships across the largest and most complex enterprises around the globe.

Since joining the Puppet family in 2019 as senior vice president of international sales, Paul has been instrumental in helping close record quarters in EMEA while scaling out the team and developing strong relationships with key partners such as Dell/EMC. Paul has developed a deep understanding of IT infrastructure, SaaS, cloud computing, and IT-managed service providers over the years, and has created and implemented the frameworks and methodologies required to further accelerate Puppet’s growth.

As Puppet has matured as a company, having a single leader responsible for the global sales organization became an obvious next step. Paul’s customer-centric approach is clear, effective, and well-received in the market, and I look forward to seeing how Paul will continue to drive business and grow Puppet’s next chapter.

Previous to Puppet, Paul was the VP of worldwide sales and business strategy at Oracle under their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Group. As a part of the leadership team at Dyn, Paul was able to create an exponential period of growth leading up to a significant acquisition by Oracle - prior to this acquisition, Dyn powered up to 20% of the global internet. Paul sits on the boards of both DevOpsGroup and York IE.

I first met Paul through a mutual colleague when I took over Puppet a year ago. It was clear from our first conversation that Paul understood the strategic role Puppet could play as enterprises become increasingly technologically complex and hybrid. Since joining, Paul has been an influential member of my leadership team and has driven powerful impact more broadly across the company. It is exciting seeing Paul step up into this global role and leverage his experience, passion, and leadership to accelerate the impact we can have with our customers on a global basis.

Please join me in welcoming Susan to the Puppet family, and congratulating Paul on his promotion. I look forward to what the future holds for Puppet.