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Key Learnings from ISE’s Deployment of Puppet Enterprise

The International Securities Exchange (ISE), a leading US options exchange, has just completed the first phase of its Puppet Enterprise deployment. For a company exceeding trading volumes of 2.5 million contracts per DAY, the decision to 'puppetize' their infrastructure not at random -- it was carefully determined and deliberate. Trevor Pott, reporter from The Register, talked with Rob Cornish of ISE to find out why ISE chose Puppet Enterprise, and how they've benefited from the software implementation.
"Talking to Rob Cornish - Technology Strategy and Operations Officer at ISE - and some of his team, the biggest thing that jumped out at me was the use of the past tense in describing a separation between his Linux and Windows IT teams. Cornish was eager to talk about both the operational time savings and the new version deployment time savings the organisation got from its Puppet implementation. That's well and good, but the bit that stuck with me was the casual way a cross-platform management tool brought together previously siloed entities within his organisation." This has affected ISE's large development staff as well. Not only has Puppet upped software releases from two per year to five, the mechanics of application deployment Puppet enables has begun a development/operations integration on a path towards DevOps.
Reading the full article -- 2.5 million trades a DAY: How ISE admins became Puppet masters.