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Keeping our customers on top of their game

The pace of change is only accelerating and companies must become more agile and adaptive to stay on top. The challenge for most successful enterprises, however, is that their existing investments generate the bulk of their “today” revenue and they need to keep these applications running while they modernize their practices and technology stacks and upskill their workforce to stay future-relevant and competitive.

At Puppet we understand this challenge and we are committed to delivering solutions that span the complexities of your world, from optimizing and increasing the security profile of your traditional environments, to accelerating your movement of workloads to the cloud, to building out new cloud-native applications. With this in mind, I am excited to share some new developments at Puppet geared towards keeping our customers at the top of their game. These include the addition of Abby Kearns to our Product Advisory Board, the release of our new product, Puppet Remediate, and the private beta of our latest container-focused offering, Nebula.

Looking around the corner with Abby Kearns

We just had our quarterly meeting with our Product Advisory Board comprised of industry experts who bring an outside-in perspective on future technologies.

I’m pleased to announce the newest addition to our board: [Abby Kearns] (https://twitter.com/ab415"), executive director of Cloud Foundry Foundation. Abby is a true veteran of the industry who brings a unique perspective to the table at Puppet. In her current role, Abby helms the ecosystem of developers, users and applications running on Cloud Foundry, meets with enterprise companies around the globe, and works closely with the Cloud Foundry Foundation Board to drive the Foundation’s vision and grow the open source project. Prior to Cloud Foundry Foundation, Abby focused on Pivotal Cloud Foundry as part of the product management team at Pivotal and spent time at Verizon where she led product management and product marketing teams dedicated to the early days of cloud services.

What makes Abby so powerful on our Product Advisory Board, however, is not just the experience she has in the open source, cloud, and container-based world, but how she is able to look across the various industry trends with clarity and purpose. This ability to step back and identify the mega-trends enables Abby to see the future, question the status quo, and guide us as we build solutions that solve customer problems ahead of the curve. We are thrilled to have Abby joining us to further enrich our seasoned, diverse group of visionary leaders and practitioners. Welcome Abby!

Addressing vulnerability remediation with Puppet Remediate

Puppet has always been about helping infrastructure developers tackle big problems so teams can achieve efficiencies at scale. We believe in the power of abstraction — being able to manage a Windows server as easily as a Linux server or describing the configuration of a physical server the same way you’d describe an EC2 instance. This ability to automate your multi-cloud environments in a standard, scalable, and flexible way is a critical business enabler in today’s technology landscape. Puppet offers flexibility and choice with a blend of declarative AND task-based approaches, agent-based AND agentless methods, and an enormous amount of open source content to extend the reach and power of what you do.

As I meet with customers around the globe, you have been clear: Not only do you want to standardize and automate your environments with Puppet, you’re also looking to further reduce the risk profiles of your businesses with Puppet. One way Puppet has helped you do this is by automating away human error that can impact the stability and security of your business. Now we are taking things to the next level by automating the manual and soul-crushing work of remediating vulnerabilities with our newest product, [Puppet Remediate] (https://puppet.com/products/puppet-remediate).

Puppet Remediate reduces the manual steps to “find it / fix it” by integrating the security scanner information you already have with a task-based workflow engine that allows you to quickly understand, prioritize, and act on vulnerabilities in your environment. You can use Puppet Remediate in conjunction with Puppet Enterprise or as a stand-alone offering. It’s easy to implement and it’s worth getting a [demo] (https://puppet.com/company/demo-request) if you haven’t seen it yet. The CIOs I’ve been talking to love it because it reduces risk for the business. The teams on the ground love it because it makes their jobs a lot easier. It’s a win-win for everyone, except the bad guys.

Simplifying and scaling container deployment with Nebula

Another undeniable trend in addition to cybersecurity is the increased adoption of cloud-native architecture and container-based applications. Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration system, has gone from an obscure project to primetime. While many customers are still figuring out how to best leverage this new way of designing and deploying applications, the advantages of moving to this type of approach are clear.

Puppet is here to help you get from where you are to where you need to be, delivering the same flexibility and choice we always have by bringing together your existing toolchain to automate your cloud-native application deployments.

Recently we announced the private beta for Project Nebula, a workflow engine that dramatically simplifies continuous deployment of cloud-native applications and infrastructure by composing the tools and workflows your developers already use into simple, repeatable deployment workflows that you can track and audit over time. We already have over 100 companies that have signed up for the private beta and we’re working closely with them to better understand their challenges in this space.

Additionally, as a founding member of the [CNCF’s Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF)] (https://cd.foundation/), we’re working closely with other members in the CDF to accelerate the overall state of the art of cloud-native application deployment. We’re contributing technology built as part of our [Lyra] (https://github.com/lyraproj/lyra) project to strengthen upstream projects in the CDF, like [Tekton] (https://cloud.google.com/tekton/). We’ll be sharing more details at [Puppetize PDX] (https://puppet.com/puppetize/agenda/), so stay tuned!

Freeing you to do what robots can’t (in a secure and scalable way!)

These are exciting times. In a world where things are only getting more complex, Puppet is here to help you simplify and scale your technology across your growing multi-cloud environment. In a world where technology resources are increasingly scarce, Puppet is here to help you evolve your workforce and make new technologies more accessible to all. In a world where cybersecurity is increasingly important, Puppet is here to help you stay compliant and reduce the time it takes from understanding the vulnerabilities in your environment to addressing them.

Exciting times!

Yvonne Wassenaar is CEO at Puppet.

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