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Keep Puppet Enterprise operating at peak performance

Studies show preventive health services can save lives and a significant amount of money. According to a recent study from the National Commission on Prevention Studies, if 90 percent of the population had access to tobacco cessation services, alcohol abuse screening, colorectal cancer screening and daily aspirin intake (for those at risk for certain health conditions), each of those interventions alone would save more than 100,000 years of human life.

Preventative services for Puppet Enterprise probably won’t save lives, but they sure can help make your life much better. How? Like most of us, you’ve seen many technology and staff changes across your organization. People come and go. New tools and technology are added to your infrastructure. All this change has an impact on the performance of software like Puppet Enterprise. You want to ensure your systems and the software that supports them deliver top performance and value to the business. This is where Puppet really helps.

You can now sign up for a Puppet Health Check, which gives you visibility into the state of your existing deployment of Puppet Enterprise, plus recommendations for how you can make it work better. Following a checklist-driven review process, we provide options to address common concerns around:

  • Infrastructure capability and future growth
  • Workflows
  • Module development and testing
  • Security
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Classification and data
  • Upgrade path
  • Integrations
  • Current and future platforms (operating systems, network and cloud)
  • Broader infrastructure goals and requirements for automation

Once your Puppet systems have passed all the checks, you also want to ensure your code follows industry best practices and helps deliver top performance. For that, we offer Puppet Code Review. It's similar to Health Check, but focuses on code rather than systems. We’ll evaluate the state of your code and provide an expert opinion on the quality of the code, sharing specific examples of commonly seen issues and recommendations for how prescribed code fixes can help you over the long term.

When should you do a code review? Do it to optimize your Puppet code prior to an expansion or upgrade; resolve unidentified stability issues; or simply seek an expert opinion on the quality and stability of your Puppet code.

With each of these service offerings, a Puppet consultant will spend a week reviewing code, systems and workflows. Your consultant will talk with your staff to understand the business reasons for your approach, and note any areas of concern. Everything is compiled into a report that includes the areas investigated, issues and areas for improvement your consultant found and recommended improvements.

You go to the doctor for checkup and so should Puppet. Your Puppet installation is like a living, breathing thing — it needs care and attention. Puppet Health Check and Puppet Code Review are the perfect way to ensure peak performance and make sure you’re getting the best value out of your Puppet investment.

Owen Rodabaugh is the manager of customer success methodologies and offerings at Puppet.

Stephanie Stouck is the senior services marketing manager at Puppet.

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