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Join the Conversation: #Puppetize on Twitter

Join us in our first Puppet Labs-hosted Twitter chat this Wednesday at 11 am PT. There are three simple steps to participating:

  1. Be on Twitter between 11 am and 12 pm PT on April 4th
  2. Track the hashtag #puppetize
  3. Jump in the conversation and tag your tweets with #puppetize

Our product manager Nigel Kersten, the team lead for our Windows development team Josh Cooper, and community manager Mike Stahnke will be on the @puppetlabs handle, ready to answer your questions, take your suggestions, and host the conversation. They’ll start with questions about Puppet Enterprise 2.5, but are open to talking about a number of Puppet-y topics (configuration management in general, best music for module-writing, etc).

That’s it! If you’re following #puppetize you can catch all sides of the conversation. Looking forward to chatting with you on April 4th.

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