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Introducing: Updated Puppet Professional Certification

The ability to automate IT infrastructure with Puppet is one of the most sought-after skills on many job forums — and our Puppet certification program is the means to certify your expertise with Puppet.

When the Puppet Certification Program was launched at PuppetConf in September of 2012, we introduced two certification exams: The Puppet Professional exam, which is designed to validate system administrator competencies, and the Puppet Developer exam, which focuses on developing extensions using Ruby to expand Puppet. You can read about the benefits of certification here.

Generally, IT certification exams are written based on the specific version of the software that’s available when the exam is created. When enough has changed within the software to warrant it, the exam is rewritten. Here at Puppet Labs, we recently updated the Puppet Professional exam to focus on Puppet Enterprise 3.1 and subsequent releases (including Puppet Enterprise 3.2, launched yesterday), and on Puppet Open Source 3.3.1 and its subsequent releases.

Updates to the tested objectives were minimal. We added some objectives to the Puppet Language and Puppet Data Library sections of the exam, and the new Console section replaces the previous Live Management section. For a full list of the tested objectives and recommended preparation resources, visit the Puppet Professional Certification page.

We’ve also updated the Puppet Professional Practice Exam to reflect the updated Puppet Professional certification exam, Puppet 202 - System Administration Using Puppet.

As this exam update introduces only a minor change to exam objectives, those individuals who've passed the Puppet - 201 exam and earned the Puppet Certified Professional 2013 certification will be upgraded to the Puppet Certified Professional 2014 certification. Information on how to complete the upgrade will be sent to existing Puppet Certified Professionals in the coming weeks.

Earning a Puppet certification is one of the best ways to validate what you know about Puppet technologies. Whether your goal is to chart your professional growth, demonstrate your knowledge to an employer, or simply to make sure you’re maximizing your investment in Puppet, the Puppet Certification Program is the key to getting the official stamp of approval on your hard-earned Puppet skills.

Jamie Rosa is the certification program manager at Puppet Labs.

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