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Introducing the Puppet Technology Alliance Partner Program

Over the years, Puppet has been presented with a good challenge: finding the right way to deliver on a myriad of possible technology integration opportunities, with the goal of creating high-quality, well-maintained content to best serve our customers. Along the way, other technology companies were also realizing the critical importance of automation to help manage the complexity of their various technology stacks. Customers have been demanding tighter integration of Puppet functionality into their DevOps practices, security and compliance initiatives, and cloud strategies. We recognized that a more programmatic approach would be needed.

And, quite frankly, we were a bit tired of saying to these potential partners: We love the idea, but it’ll have to wait.

That's why we are excited to announce our Puppet Technology Alliance Partner Program. Our TAPP represents an evolution in how we collaborate with our technology partners, focusing on driving the best possible integrations, and ensuring that those integrations are well-maintained and supported. We don’t just want to build something with you and consider our job done. We are looking to nurture long-term relationships that bring the power of automation deeper and wider into our shared ecosystems.

In order to meet the different needs of our partners, the TAPP offers two tiers. The Technology Partner tier was established as an easy way for partners to broadcast to the market the work they’ve done to integrate Puppet into their technologies. The Advanced Technology tier provides an elevated degree of access to Puppet technical staff—a dedicated solutions architect, engineering resources, and product managers—to help create the right, robust integrations and provide compatibility testing over future Puppet releases. There are also enhanced go-to-market options available via the Advanced Technology tier to drive your offerings to our customers. We look to solve several challenges here: the challenge of building out the initial integration; the challenge of maintaining those integrations over time; and the challenge of getting the integration adopted by the market.

We look forward to working with all partners interested in excellence through automation. We ensure that we will:

  • Have the best offerings available and accessible.
  • Turn integrations around quickly to meet and anticipate demand.
  • Ramp up our go-to-market activities that help maximize the value of our integration, and extract the greatest amount of value from the market.
  • Execute on these elements with relative ease and predictability.
  • Be serious collaborators intent on producing robust, long-standing offerings for our shared customers.

Please check out our program details here: https://puppet.com/partners/alliance/technology-alliance-partners, and feel free to contact me at matt.girdharry@puppet.com. Keep checking the Puppet blog for periodic updates on our ever-expanding automation-enhanced ecosystem.

Matt Girdharry heads the Technology Alliance Partner Program at Puppet.

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