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Introducing Puppet Pipelines™ and Puppet® Container Registry

Editor's note: As of 29 May 2019, we've sunsetted Puppet Pipelines and Puppet Container Registry.

Distelli joined the Puppet family just a few weeks ago and we’re already making ourselves right at home. The Puppet team has welcomed us with open arms and we couldn’t be happier to join them during such a momentous occasion for the company. Today marks the start of our first PuppetConf — the first of many — and we’re happy to announce some exciting changes and new integrations.

Now that we’ve become part of the Puppet family, our products are making the transition as well. What has been known up until today as VM Dashboard will be Puppet Pipelines™ for Applications. Our K8S Dashboard will be Puppet Pipelines™ for Containers, and Europa is now called Puppet® Container Registry.

We’ve also been busy working on integrations between Puppet and the Pipelines products. Our first set of integrations includes:

  • A new Puppet module to install the Puppet Pipelines agent and automate deploys.
  • Use Facter to make decisions about a deployment.
  • Puppet Pipelines deployments call the Puppet agent to ensure the system configuration is up to date.

In the near future, we plan to integrate Puppet Enterprise and Puppet Pipelines more deeply to help customers unify their dev and ops workflows and accelerate delivery. Want to learn more? If you’re at PuppetConf, you can:

We hope to talk to you soon!

Brian McGehee is a senior engineering product manager at Puppet.

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