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Introducing Puppet Discovery™ 1.6 and Vulnerability Remediation Beta

Editor's note: As of 29 May 2019, we've sunsetted Puppet Discovery. Check out Puppet Remediate.

In an ever-changing environment, we know that organizations struggle to understand the resources they currently have and how to bring them under management. That’s why last spring we launched Puppet Discovery to help organizations continuously discover the resources they have across their environments. This includes on-premises, cloud and containers.

Within a single pane of glass, our customers gain deeper visibility into the resources running on their infrastructure with the ability to answer critical questions across their IT estate. As a result, we’ve seen Puppet Discovery become a critical tool for organizations to help manage resource proliferation, provide a path to cloud migration and DevOps, and reduce the time spent remediating vulnerabilities.

Since we launched Puppet Discovery, we’ve continued to evolve the product (in fact, we release new features monthly) to help customers continuously discover what they have and gain meaningful insights to make informed decisions on their journey to pervasive automation.

What’s new in Puppet Discovery

Puppet Discovery 1.6 is now available and includes the following:

  • OpenStack support - Easily add hosts provisioned on their OpenStack environment to be found by Puppet Discovery.
  • Complex filtering - Filter lists of hosts/packages using multiple criteria, which allows you to quickly drill down and answer complex questions about your infrastructure.
  • Package management tasks - Manage (install, upgrade, uninstall) a specified package on Linux and Windows hosts so you can update a package to latest or a specific version.
  • Command/Exec task - Run an ad hoc command on Linux and Windows to run tasks like restart or shutdown commands on a list of hosts.
  • UI localized for Japanese - A localized Puppet Discovery UI for Japanese users.
Puppet Discovery Main screen

Introducing Vulnerability Remediation Beta for Puppet Discovery

What’s even more exciting with our evolution of Puppet Discovery is that it is the foundation for one of the most requested features: vulnerability remediation.

As we know, data breaches have become more common and cost organizations millions of dollars. Most of these breaches are due to error-prone manual processes, resulting from siloed security and IT operations teams. It’s no secret that organizations lack an integrated solution that ties together the existing tools the security teams need to detect and identify vulnerabilities with that of the IT operations team to help act and remediate.

Vulnerability Remediation Beta for Puppet Discovery does just that. With a focus on remediation at its core, Vulnerability Remediation Beta for Puppet Discovery meets the needs of both security and IT teams to successfully filter, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities fast. By integrating with leading security providers like Qualys, Tenable, and Rapid7, Puppet eliminates the traditional manual handovers like spreadsheets and offers a seamless workflow to prioritize critical IT assets in order to take immediate action on the most vulnerable systems.

Vulnerability Remediation Beta for Puppet Discovery is currently a private beta. You’re welcome to follow the product updates by submitting your contact information here.

Bill Tang and Jonathan Stewart are senior product managers at Puppet.