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Introducing Extended support for Puppet Enterprise

Want to make your security and compliance team happy? Now you can, with Puppet’s new extended product lifecycle.

Earlier this year our VP of customer success, Sandra Hamilton, emailed details about release cycle changes for Puppet Enterprise customers. We updated our product release cycle to twice-annual releases effective May 2017, and on our website defined support categories of Mainstream, Limited and End of Life based on where the product resides in the lifecycle.

Effective 11 October, we added a new Extended support level, which includes fixes for critical bugs and security updates for Puppet Enterprise versions 2017.2 and later during this phase of the support lifecycle. This replaces Limited support — which includes working with the Support Team who will do their best to help, but not bug fixes or security updates — for Puppet Enterprise versions 2017.2 forward.

Why is this important? Well, it allows you to feel more confident adopting a non-long term supported (LTS) version of Puppet Enterprise, and it helps keep your security team happy at the same time. It also provides more time to upgrade to the latest version while your current version is still supported.

Puppet’s new support lifecycle for Puppet Enterprise 2017.2 and later is Mainstream, Extended and End of Life.

For those of you still on versions 2015.2, 2015.3, 2016.1, 2016.2, 2016.5 or 2017.1, you qualify for Limited support until 21 February 2018. Upgrade soon, because you will want to take advantage of all the fabulous new features released in Puppet Enterprise 2017.3 — and versions older than 2017.2 don’t qualify for Extended support. No matter what version you’re on, you’ll still receive assistance from the Puppet support team to help you move to either the LTS version of 2016.4 or the snazzy, full-of-fabulous-features Puppet Enterprise 2017.3.

Claire Hernandez is the director of global support and technical account management at Puppet.

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